Why Doesn’t Chipotle Have Ground Beef?

What will happen when you found out that the only thing that you love eating is none other than ground beef from a nice restaurant or fast-food chains? You will eventually end up having ground beef items only from the restaurants without choosing or opting for something else.

How about the other food items that consists of similar features like ground beef? However, this is actually not the case here. There is a fast-food chain named Chipotle which is completely based on Mexican cuisines.

Now, there are a lot of chipotle stores where they don’t sell ground beef at all. Now this might be a concern for the people as to why they don’t have ground beef?

Why does chipotle avoid ground beef?

Here is the thing, chipotle, being a restaurant, is supposed to have ground beef as their available option since they have a lot of Mexican dishes where ground beef is necessary to include. For instance, they have tacos, burritos, and even nachos.

For those, they are bound to use ground beef as their meat option in case people do not want to have anything else as their meat option. However, it is true that chipotle does not have the option to provide or sell any ground beef as their meal option.

Not because they are against eating beef or have any restrictions, but there is a different case regarding them not availing this option.

Firstly, they might not want the consumers to eat ground beef since they are already availing other various beef options for their meal. They have shredded beef, beef chunks, minced beef, and many more.

Which is why they felt like having a ground beef option will simply include extra meal option, which they might not be able to carry for a long time. They tend to satisfy their customer with the other beef options.

Another thing might be because of the health issues of using ground beef in their meals. Some people cannot digest ground beef for some reasons, which lead them to avoid selling beef grounded option.

Final words

Chipotle is one of the famous and known restaurant and fast-food chain running for years. They have the brand image and hence they know what sells the most.

Ground beef is simply an option for them since they use other ground meats as the alternatives. However, the flavors and texture that ground beef provides, you might not find that anywhere else.

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