Where Can I Buy Fufu and Egusi Soup?

Fufu and Egusi soup is the famous Nigerian dish which is served at hotels and restaurants and people cannot resist themselves while savoring these delicious dishes.

Fufu is like a doughy meal that is soft and tender, and you might eat that solo but it goes really better with the egusi soup. Once you dip that doughy meal inside the juiciness of Egusi, you will understand why people love to eat this particular dish.

Once you hear the name of Egusi soup, you might assume that it must be a blended, classic soupy texture, but here’s where you are wrong. Egusi has all sorts of protein that you may not find in any other meals.

It is spicy, but the right amount. Now, since you got so many facts about the dish, you must be wondering where you can find this delicious delicacy.

Where can I buy fufu and Egusi soup?

Since you are aware by now that Fufu and Egusi is a Nigerian dish, made by Nigerian people as they are the one who invented this famous and relish good. You must have understood that you can find this dish only at Nigerian restaurants or Nigerian dining spots.

However, there are two ways in which you can enjoy the Nigerian delicacy, one from the restaurants, made by the chefs straight from the kitchen, and another one is the canned and store-bought fufu and egusi.

You might be thinking if the canned meal tastes as similar as the chef made dish right from the kitchen. Here is the fun fact, egusi can be eaten from the can and might as well consume it without heating it, but it will taste even better if you heat the egusi soup and then have it warm.

You may taste the preservatives and chemicals that the can provided while storing the dish, but you can still get a certain resemblance of the dish.

Then comes the restaurant part, if you want to have the egusi soup and fufu right away, without wanting the flavors of the preservatives and chemicals, then you may find various Nigerian restaurants near your house or city.

The dish is quite cheap to eat from a restaurant, but not that cheap that you may find it at any Nigerian restaurant.

Final words

As mentioned before, fufu and egusi soup is a delicacy you have to try at least once in your life. You can either try the store-bought cans and packaged meal, but the recommendation is to try the chef made dish from a restaurant.

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