What Meat Goes With Broccoli Casserole?

Who doesn’t love a warm broccoli casserole? This dish is more like a nice, warm hug to your stomach as it has veggies and proteins which is deliciously cooked. Along with that, you can add various types of meat that enhances the flavor of broccoli casserole.

But here is the thing, religious and social restrictions show up when it comes to meat consumption. Some religion prohibits pork consumption while other religion restricts eating beef.

But, the best part about having broccoli casserole is that you can use any sort of meat as your protein source.

What meat can you use while making broccoli casserole?

Basically, the common meat that people use while making casseroles are chicken, pork, or beef. In some cases, goat meat and lamb meat are also used for rich and earthy flavor. However, every meat brings in different and unique flavor that compliments the casserole.

Here are some of the meat options that can go really well with broccoli casserole:

Ground beef
One of the traditional and common meat that people use in their broccoli casserole is ground beef. The texture and the flavors that ground beef has enhances the whole meal to another level.

Along with ground beef, some mushroom chunks would give the entire dish a restaurant-like flavor which no one can resists.

Buffalo meat
An uncommon meat that is rarely used in daily meat-based meals are buffalo meat. If you have a family get-together and want your casserole to stand out, you can try using buffalo meat.

It will give a chewy texture and the fat from the buffalo meat will give the casserole a top-notch kick that everyone will prefer. Adding potatoes and buffalo meat in the casserole would win everyone’s heart.

Ground Turkey
This meat is probably every novice cook’s favorite meat to use in any meat-based dishes. Ground turkey has a soft and moist texture that is easily cooked without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Turkey will give the casserole a soft, tender, and savory flavor that will relish your meal within a jiffy. You can add half a teaspoon of chili oil while cooking the turkey; that will create a spicy kick in your casserole.

A safe meat flavor which everyone desires and is common worldwide is chicken. The chunky and crunchy texture that chicken provides gives the casserole a divine texture.

You can add either rotisserie chicken, roasted chicken, or chicken in sausage form, or maybe add all of them in the casserole, the flavor will be extremely delicious and delightful.

This are the particular meats that can go with broccoli casserole without messing with the flavors.

Final words

There are other variations of meat products that can go with the broccoli casserole, but the common and simple to cook meats eventually wins the game.

Let that be beef, buffalo, chicken, or turkey, each of them gives a unique and wholesome flavor to the simple broccoli casserole. Moreover, adding meat will ensure that your body is receiving enough protein to keep your body healthy and active.

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