What is The Maximum Cold Holding Temperature for Deli Meat

Whether you are at a family get together or at any small function, deli meats are available everywhere. Those precooked sliced meat are the source of savory happiness in any food related function.

For those who are not aware of the term ‘deli meat’, it is a cooked, sliced, cold meat that are pre sliced and served either hot or cold.

The most common deli meats you can find in your meals include sausages (hotdogs, salami, pepperoni, chorizo), ham, bacon, beef and chicken lunch meats that are either roasted or slightly cooked.

What is the maximum cold holding temperature for deli meat?

Deli meats can be served hot or cold, depending on the way people prefer to eat. Now, questions might arise like what is the maximum cold holding temperature for preserving deli meat so that they can still be edible.

The suitable temperature for preserving deli meat is 41-degree Fahrenheit or 5-degree Celsius. In case the temperature increases over 41-degree, then there is a higher chance of getting the food spoiled and inedible.

Also, if the deli meats are not preserved properly, bacteria will develop inside the cold cuts. That being said, it is necessary to maintain the cold temperature so that all sorts of contaminants cannot get inside.

Although these meats can also be eaten warm in case, they get cooked again. Then the deli meats can be kept warm for a long time, but it is better to consume that within 24 hours of cooking those deli meat. Otherwise, the meat will get damaged and rotten.

Is it safe to eat deli meat?

Eating deli food is safe when you cook those meat again. Although you can consume them cold since they are already precooked; however, there are certain side effects that can be life threatening.

Due to cross-contamination, deli meats tend to develop bacteria name Listeria that can severely affect the immune system of pregnant women, elderly seniors, and also people who have a weak immune system.

Moreover, deli meats can also cause cardiovascular diseases if they are taken regularly and frequently.

Deli meats tend to have higher saturated fats since they are processed meats. These meats also contain a preservative called Nitrate, which can increase the risk of insulin resistance.

Deli meats are mainly processed meats for which they contain less protein and more unhealthy substance. Hence, it is better to put a limitation in eating deli meat when they are served cold.

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Final words

Deli meat is a delicacy that no one can resist. Let that be on any food related occasion, serving deli meats are a must. Nonetheless, people should preserve deli meats at a proper temperature so that the contaminants cannot get inside the food, if served cold.

But the best way to consume deli meat is to cook them again. This kills the germs and bacteria that got included while processing the meat and also makes the meat more delicious and risk free. Either way, it is up to the consumer and how they love to eat their deli meat.

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