What is the Difference between Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate?

Chocolate comes in a variety of types including dark and milk and each of them brings unique flavor, texture, and effects. If you are feeling nervous between dark chocolate and milk chocolate and can’t set them apart, read on.
Below we’ve discussed possibly all the differences between dark and milk chocolate to help you out.

What is the Difference between Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate?

The main difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate is that the first one contains milk while the second one doesn’t. Instead dark chocolate has cocoa butter and it is smooth and rich. Below is the brief discussion

Cacao Content

Dark chocolate contains a lot more cacao compared to milk chocolate. It contains around 55% cacao compared to the 10% to 50% of milk chocolate which makes it more expensive as well. So if you prefer a darker flavor profile go for dark chocolate that has 70% or more cacaos.

Flavor Profile

The flavor of dark chocolate varies depending on its origins, beans, and the preparation process.

Typically it contains purer chocolate flavor, making it a tasty treat for people who love to nibble and flavors of different regions. It is also bitterer and complex in flavor than milk chocolate.

Conversely, milk chocolate offers a smoother, sweeter, and less complex flavor profile. Milk chocolate is also slightly more uniform in flavor.


Typically dark chocolate is less melty and creamy than milk chocolate. However, it’s not rough or dry at all. Conversely milk chocolate has a softer and creamier texture.

Since it contains powdered or condensed milk, it performs as an emulsifier and smooths out the chocolate while reducing clumps. Milk chocolate is also creamier, richer, and calorie dense than dark one due to its additional fats.

Complementary Flavors

Since dark chocolate is more bitter and complex, it is frequently combined with accompaniments and sweeter add-ins to offer a more impartial flavor profile. Conversely, milk chocolate erred on the sweet and smooth side; it complements lots of unique flavors.

Hence it is mostly used alongside nuts, fruits, sea salt or bacon, and pickles. The smoothness of the milk chocolate also makes it perfect for having creamy and crunchy additions.

Health Benefits

Since dark chocolate is packed with cacao plants, it provides lots more health benefits than milk chocolate. The antioxidants and theobromine compound of cacao support heart health, boost cognition, and reduce inflammation.

Much dark chocolate is also completely plant-based, making them appropriate for a vegan diet.
Though milk chocolate is undeniably delicious, it’s not much healthy as dark chocolate. Since milk chocolate has fat and sugar, it can cause various health problems like obesity and diabetes.

However, it doesn’t mean milk chocolate isn’t healthy at all. Its micronutrients and antioxidants contribute to good health.

Final Words

After reading the article thoroughly, hope you understand what is the difference between dark chocolate and milk chocolate. If you are confused about which type of chocolate to choose, it depends on your preferences and health conditions.

If you prefer complexities flavor and shade of cocoa bean, go for darker chocolate. But if you like ultra-sweet items, milk chocolate will be your perfect choice.

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