What is a Roast Beef Vagina?

We are in the generation where internet slangs and terms are widely used around teenagers and adults. There are certain terms that might be vulgar to use around everyone, and there are some, which are frequently used by everyone, let that be senior adults or teens.

Now, as we all know that slangs are mostly based on objectifying human body features that are considered intimated and cannot be used everywhere.

One term that is quite rarely used and is verbally objectifying the female body organ is “roast beef vagina.”

Some of you might be aware of the term but you have no idea as to where these slangs are used and why this slang has certain words.

What does the term ‘roast beef vagina’ means anyway?

Before getting into the term explanation, let me tell you that the context is full of unwanted terminologies that might not be suitable for certain readers. I would suggest you to read this if you are in your legal age.

Roast beef vagina is something not related to food products or anything that you can literally eat. It is something a woman has and is considered an intimated body part.

To thoroughly speak about the term, a woman’s vagina might look like a roast beef slice, or the labia of the vaginal area might look like roast beef slices.

Which means the vagina has two or more slices that is on the outer side of the genital area. To metaphorically make you understand the term, it looks like the roast beef and cheddar sandwich from the restaurant name Arby’s.

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Final words

This term ‘roast beef vagina’ is not something that you can eat at a restaurant or get from anywhere. Rather it is a slang or an internet term which is used to explain the woman’s vagina and what it looks like.

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