What Animals Will Eat Tomato Plants?

Who does not like tomatoes? Let that be humans, animals, insects, or any other mythical creatures that clearly does not exist, everyone loves tomatoes.

But there are certain animals and insects who metaphorically dies to eat tomato plants. It seems like they enjoy the leaves and stems of the tomato plant and savors the bites and pieces.

But the problem starts from here. If you are an animal lover and also a gardener, then planting tomatoes for yourself will be one of the difficult tasks that you might faced in your life throughout.

Now, if you really want to plant a tomato plant, then what animals you need to avoid so that they do not eat the plant?

What animals will eat tomato plants?

There are certain animals that loves to eat tomato plants and if you really want your tomato plant to grow properly, then these are the list of animals that you need to know:

Chipmunks are those small animals who loves to be around the garden and loves to eat nuts and seeds.

However, you need to know that these nuts and seeds lover are omnivorous and would eat your tomato plants once they spot it from far or near. They will break any obstacles just to eat that tomato plant.

Squirrels are as clever and cute as chipmunks. They are also omnivorous and loves to eat any sort of nuts, fruits, seeds, anything in general.

Now, since tomatoes are fruits, you might not be able to save your tomato plants from them. If the plants are wide open, then they will eat not only the plants but also your tomatoes.

So, if you really want to save your plants, then cover the plant with a mesh cage so that the squirrels find it difficult to enter and eat your plants.

Here is another one. Birds would fly around your plants and then cunningly eat your tomato and your plants. So, try to save your plants by placing a cage at your plants so that the birds cannot eat your plant or your tomatoes.

There are many other animals like rabbits, deer, raccoons, which you can find at wild jungles but these are rare to find at cities or towns. However, these animals will eat your tomato plants if you hypothetically plant your tomatoes in the wildlife.

Final words

These are the animals that will eat your tomato plants and may ruin your entire plant. In case you want to eat your tomatoes and save them, try to place a cage or net around your plant so that the small animals and birds cannot eat or come near the plants.

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