Tomato Basil Pasta Cheesecake Factory Recipe

Cheesecake factory is the ultimate choice of every Americans you will encounter with once in your life. If you ever ask them which restaurant they would recommend visiting, they will without be thinking twice would say cheesecake factory.

It’s like the name is stuck to their mouth. All their meals are extremely delicious and you cannot resist their savory items once you see the picture of the dishes.

Out of all the savory items and dishes they serve to their customer, the most popular and famous one is the tomato basil pasta which sounds really simple to make, but once you taste their pasta, you will never forget their flavors.

However, you can still replicate their dishes if you are a cooking expert and has the knowledge of identifying spices and ingredients used.

Recipe time!

Here is the recipe that exactly replicates the flavors of the pasta from the cheesecake factory. Here are the ingredient list and the description:

1. Penne pasta
2. Boneless and skinless chicken breast, cut into pieces
3. Basil leaves, crushed and minced
4. Diced tomato, either canned or homemade
5. Mozzarella cheese, fresh
6. Garlic, chopped and minced
7. Olive oil


1. Cook the penne pasta in the salt water, which was heated in the skillet or large frying pan. Make sure the pasta is cooked according to the instructions or until it is al dente.

2. On the other pan, heat the oil and throw in the garlics that were chopped and crushed. Sauté them thoroughly and make sure it does not burn.

3. Now, add the boneless chicken and the diced tomato into the garlic and stir them. Then cover the skillet and cook the mixture until the chicken is thoroughly cooked and no raw flavors are found.

4. Drain the pasta water and then pour all the pasta into the tomato and chicken mixture. Now mix the entire ingredients together until the pasta is incorporated with the tomato sauce and all the flavors are inside the pasta shells.

5. For the final touch, pour the pasta in a plate and garnish the pasta with mozzarella cheese. You can grate the cheese or use the cheese cubes and place it on top of the pasta. Then drizzle some basil on top of the pasta and serve hot.

Final words

Replicating cheesecake factory’s special tomato basil pasta seems quite easy, but you need to be an expert chef to hit the flavorings and cooking techniques the chefs of the restaurant use. Only then you can make the pasta and ace in it.

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