Substitute for Butter in Mac and Cheese

Though butter gives a traditional flavor to mac and cheese, it’s not the fixed ingredient. Fortunately, lots of substitutes for butter in mac and cheese are available to let you keep making your favorite source.

Even picking the right alternative can make your mac and cheese recipe healthy and suitable for vegans. Let’s check some!

Substitute for Butter in Mac and Cheese

It’s not hard to find worth alternative to butter to use in mac and cheese. If you prefer fat, use ghee, margarine, heavy cream, or oil. Likewise, coconut oil or tahini can be your nut butter-type alternative.

Let’s get a brief idea about some alternatives:

Margarine melts and tastes similar to butter. Still, this ingredient is a natural option as a butter alternative in mac and cheese. If you are vegan and need buttery flavor in mac and cheese, still you can consider this margarine.

Made of water and oil, margarine is also a dairy-free alternative. It can also cut down fat while satisfying baking needs and offer a comparable flavor and texture to butter.

Coconut oil is also a fantastic alternative to butter in mac and cheese. In this case, you can choose either vegetable oil or canola oil. However, you should be cautious about the amount as adding too much can cause the cheese sauce indigestible.

Heavy Cream
Since butter is made from heavy cream, it can be a good alternative to mac and cheese. Even it’s a terrific alternative to make your sauce luxurious. You’ll also have a homemade feel using this heavy cream

Cream Cheese
Using cream cheese in mac and cheese rather than butter will boost your sauce’s flavor. You can also use it with a lighter ingredient like oil to get a creamy and smooth sauce.

Bacon Grease
Adding bacon grease to mac and cheese will make it gravy and more decadent. It can be used to produce roux as well.

Olive Oil
If you prefer rich and delicious mac and cheese without using butter, try olive oil. It is also a vigorous alternative to butter to make various popular dishes.

This butter substitute help prevents food from sticking to the pan while giving the dish a delicious flavor and aroma. Combined with cheese, mayonnaise can create a flavorful and satisfying meal.

Mayonnaise is made of vegetable oil and egg yolks and it’s a versatile ingredient that goes with a range of foods. Combining the cheese, this ingredient delivers a smooth and creamy spread.

Final Words

You no longer worry about the substitute for butter in mac and cheese when you have got plenty of worthy substitutes.

Though butter is the core ingredient of mac and cheese to get the traditional flavor, using either of these alternatives won’t hurt the taste and flavor.

In some cases, these options will be a healthy and dairy-free substitute to maintain good health.

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