Is Boar’s Head Meat Processed in China?

China is known for making processed meat and selling it worldwide. Amongst all the processed meat delivery, pork is the most sold processed meat that China frequently delivers.

If we talk about the deli meats, the first brand name that pops in everyone’s mind is Boar’s head meat. Boar’s head meat is considered as a superior delicacy that is served in every occasional event like small party or any other functions.

Now, anyone might assume that boar’s head meat is also processed in China since they are known for selling processed meat all around the world. However, this assumption turned out to be a misconception.

The origin of boar’s head meat processing

Unfortunately, boar’s head meat is not processed in China, despite being known as the country to supply processed deli meat. The origin of the company’s processed meat is actually from the United States of America.

The headquarters of the brand is in Sarasota which resides in Florida. The boar’s head company has been serving since 1905 and not only that, they have been distributing their deli meat while being in America.

However, they eventually use products from other countries to finalize their product. For instance, some sausages required flavorings and seasonings, those seasoning comes from other countries.

Other than that, their meat is originally processed and delivered from the United States.

How are the meat processed in boar’s head?

Some might assume that processing meat is the simple most task and anyone can do that. However, Boar’s head meat is processed with extra attention and extra care since the method is not as simple as it looks like.

Since the processing includes edible items, for which the manufacturers have to bear in mind about the hygiene and the maintenance of the product.

Boar’s head meat has many methods that they use to process their meat. Since their meats are type of cured meat with some salt and spices added for the flavours, it can be eaten either raw or cooked as per the preference.

The deli meats from boar’s head comes from the hind legs and shoulders of a boar, which gets processed using varieties of spices. This is done so that the meat is preserved properly and also helps to reduce the raw flavours of the meat.

The best part of boar’s head meat is that their products are 100% natural as they use all the natural ingredients for which anyone can consume those.

Even if you have any restrictions or allergies, you can still eat their deli meat without giving it a second thought as they produce a wide varieties of deli meat; starting from regular consumers till consumers with meal restrictions.

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You can say that Boar’s head meat is a popular brand and has a high demand throughout the world. Despite being an American brand, they managed to win people’s heart by providing varieties of deli meat along with different flavours.

No wonder Boar’s head meat is considered safe and you can eat their deli meat anytime you want.

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