Is Banana Boat Sunscreen Gluten Free?

Hold on! Are you thinking about going gluten free this year? That means you have already started to cut off all sorts of meals and dishes that contain mild to an excessive amount of gluten.

That sure is a proper step to create a healthy lifestyle, but have you ever wondered if your skincare products have gluten in them?

Some skincare products have gluten in them since the oils, or the extracts that they include in the mixture, a certain percentage of those oils or extracts come from gluten products.

You will be surprised to know that sunscreens contain gluten products since sunscreen contains vitamin E, which comes from wheat. Now the question arises, is the sunscreen from your favorite brand gluten free?

Sunscreen consumer niche

Many customers suffer from skin diseases and are unable to use many products that others can without experiencing an allergic reaction.

As a result, manufacturers and businesses began to develop products, particularly for those suffering from skin disorders. When creating gluten-free sunscreens, sunscreen manufacturers must consider the ingredients and chemicals they use.

Banana boat sunscreen- is it gluten free?

Since most of the brands are focusing on making gluten free sunscreen, the brand name that pops into the mind of sunscreen lovers is Banana Boat sunscreen.

This brand provides a light texture sunscreen that gets absorbed in the body faster and is also non greasy. Now, if we talk about whether they have gluten in their sunscreen, the company claimed that they entirely avoid using any ingredients containing gluten or anything such.

However, the users are skeptical about this. Some users may have doubts that the company includes gluten-like substances, even if the percentage of gluten extract may be mild.

The users are claiming that Banana boat sunscreen may add plant-based gluten in their product, for which it will be challenging to say whether they are authentic with their words.

Banana boat sunscreen contains ingredients like potential allergens and oxybenzone, which can also be found in other skin care products like chemicalized cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Despite the fact that the sunscreen contains gluten, this ultimately means that the product is safe to use. Nonetheless, a few users explained why they should not use banana boat sunscreen.

The product contained a cancer-causing ingredient, which was the sole reason for the recall. Benzene levels were found in four of the banana boat product batches, according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Final words

It is difficult to say whether banana boat sunscreen is completely gluten free or not. The brand explicitly states on its website that it does not use oils or extracts derived from ingredients such as peanuts, eggs, fish, soy, or gluten.

However, when the applicant expresses skepticism about the gluten-free product, the debate ensues, even if it was uncalled for.

Not all sunscreens are gluten free because plant-based ingredients may contain gluten in trace amounts. To play it safe, users with gluten intolerance should avoid using banana boat sunscreen.

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