How to Use Neem Oil on Tomato Plants?

Caring about the plants and properly nourishing them is the duty of every gardener. Let that be the garden full of vegetables or fruits or even flowers, taking proper care and using authentic and real material for better plant growth is the crucial step that needs to be followed.

Now you might be aware of the fact that bugs tend to live and roam around the plants, especially fruits and vegetables.

Tomato plants are no exception. Bugs are continuously eating and plucking out the tomatoes and the leaves of the tomatoes, and if this gets inside the human body, it can be extremely harmful. One home remedy that can keep the bugs away is the neem oil, but is it necessary to apply neem oil on tomato plants?

Is neem oil beneficial to use in tomato plants?

Neem oil is considered a natural and pure pesticide which can be used to keep all sorts of bugs away and also prohibit them from growing their eggs in the plants.

Once you spray the neem oil on the soil, vegetable, and the leaves, the oil will be absorbed by the plant. Then it will create a natural shield around the skin of the tomatoes and the leaves which will prevent the bugs from entering the plant or eat the leaves.

When the bugs smell the neem oil, it automatically repels them from that plant since it might cause them breathing problems and also the mating behavior gradually shrinks. This is why it is absolutely safe to use neem oil.

How to use neem oil on tomato plants?

Since the usage of neem oil is so beneficial, there is a way that you can use the neem oil and prevent the bugs from even being near the plant. The ultimate recipe of neem oil repellent is as follows:

1 teaspoon full of neem oil, (this can either be extracted neem oil straight from the neem leaves or it can be store-bought neem oil), 1/3 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid which works like a poison for bugs, and a quarter cup of warm water.

Then give it a good mix, make sure that bubbles don’t form so that it will be easy to pour in the spray bottle. After that, shake the entire mix thoroughly and that is it!

Spray the natural and homemade pesticide on your tomato plants and see how the bugs fly away from that plant. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to wait for 24 hours in case you pour neem oil inside the soil to work like a grown repellent.

Final words

Gardening is like a hobby that has benefits and major consequences like taking care of the plants 24/7 or watering and spraying pesticides to keep the bugs away.

Tomato plants attract many bugs which can grow inside the fruit or tear the leaves apart. Either way, neem oil will help to keep those unwanted bugs away from your plant.

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