How to Transport Frozen Meat Long Distance?

Are you thinking about opening a new venture on selling frozen food nationwide? Are you planning to focus on selling meat and meat-based products in every city? Then you better start working on processing meat and meat-based product right away.

You have everything available with you that will aid you to give a perfect start in your worldwide distribution. However, a query rises in your mind that might become a barrier in starting your venture.

Since your business is all about selling and distributing meat, how will you transport this frozen meat in other cities or towns?

How can you transport frozen meat in other cities or towns?

Here’s the thing, you have to be very careful about meat and meat-based products. In most cases, there is a high chance that your meat will get defrosted while travelling.

Especially, if you are living in a tropical country where scorching sun and tremendous heat is your neighbor, then assume that freezing it for a short time will not work.

The meat will start to defrost and eventually rot by the time you reach your destination. Now, to transport frozen meat in a long distance, here’s what you can do:

1) A common and no brainer solution to keep your meat frozen while travelling is to freeze them beforehand. Keeping it in a freezer might not give you the best output, so it is recommended to put the meat or meat-based product in the deep fridge for 24-48 hours.

2) A good cooler is a necessity when it comes to deliver or carry frozen meat while travelling. Although there are many varieties of coolers that are sold in the market, let the price be a bargain or expensive.

But coolers with a high-quality insulation will ensure to hold the cooling temperature for a longer time. So, buying a good quality cooler is necessary.

3) A high-quality cooler won’t do all the job properly. A cooler bag filler with excessive amount of ice will help to keep the meat frozen for a long time. This will not create a hassle during transportation of the meat or meat-based products.

4) Another hack to preserve the meat and keep it frozen while travelling with the meat is to wrap the product in aluminium foil. This foil will ensure to divert the heat from the meat and keep the inside of the foil cool.


The idea of transporting frozen meat might turn out to be a rebellious task. If you are not aware of how to handle frozen meat and meat-based products while transporting, then the whole meat will rot while you are on the road.

Hence, using proper cooling bags and coolers are highly required so that the meat stays frozen for a long time until it reaches its destination.

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