How to Store Bread Machine Bread?

Are you a cooking enthusiast and a baking expert? Do you buy and store all sorts of kitchen appliances that can make your cooking easy and saves you an ample amount of time?

That means you do use some techniques or hacks to preserve your baking items that were made using machines? One of the beloved baking appliances that every baker has more or less is the bread making machine.

This machine helps to save a lot of time and also provide a high-quality bread, resembling the store-bought breads. But here is the thing, do you know how you can store bread machine bread and how long will it last?

How to store bread machine bread?

Here is the fun fact. If you buy a bread loaf from the stores, you will see that it does not go stale or moldy within the next three days of the manufacture.

The reason is that they use certain preservatives and edible chemicals that allows the bread to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Hence there are less chance for the loaf to go stale right after baking.

But, if you use the bread machine at home and make the bread, the chances of going stale increases rapidly. Why you may ask? Because you do not use any additional preservatives or ingredients to hold the freshness of the bread loaf.

That is why, when you keep the bread loaf made by the bread machine open or just like the way you keep your store-bought breads, then it will get stale within a few hours.

Now, to make sure that you can consume your home-made bread machine bread loaf, here is the method:
As soon as you take out your bread loaf from the bread machine, make sure to place it in a rack and cool the loaf down.

When the loaf is in the room temperature, store it in a plastic zip-lock bag. Along with that, you can use the foil to wrap up the loaf so that no air can get inside the bread to make it soggy and inedible afterwards.

Also, the best way to keep it fresh and edible for 3 days at least is to store it at a room temperature, somewhat cold, so that the bread does not contain any moisture. Also, you can store them in a plastic air-tight containers so that the bread loaf stays fresh.

Final words

Bread machine breads are equally delicious and healthy to eat, since they are made at home with the help of the machine. But the deduction of preservatives and chemicals make the bread last for only a few hours.

Which is why storing them properly will ensure the bread loafs to stay better for as long as 3 days.

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