How to Send Chocolate in the Mail without Melting

Want to send chocolate to a special someone but concerned about the condition he or she will receive? Don’t get upset. Instead, let’s learn how to send chocolate in the mail without melting.

We’ve included some exciting tips in this article to help you gift chocolate to your long-distance lover on his or her favorite treats while preserving the taste and texture.

How to Send Chocolate in the Mail without Melting

Below are some tips to low to make sure your receiver gets the chocolate in good condition.

Know the Melting Temperature

On average, chocolate can melt at 86 to 90 degrees F, which varies based on the ingredients used in the recipe.

In addition, consider the weather condition of the day or week when you are planning to mail your chocolate. For example, it won’t be a good decision to mail chocolate on a hot day.

Some other factors also affect the melting point of the chocolate, including the type of chocolate. While white or milk chocolate can melt quickly, darker chocolate takes time to melt.

The next consideration is the amount of cocoa butter contained in the chocolate, as it decreases the melting point.

The vital consideration is the temperature of the environment. Generally, hot weather speeds up the melting process of chocolate compared to cold climates.

Refrigerate Chocolates

If you want to send chocolates while maintaining their texture, refrigerate them before sending them out. This’ll help maintain integrity.

However, you can keep some chocolates at room temperature to maintain their flavor. Hence, determining the type of chocolate is also important.

In addition, keep the chocolate away from light or heat sources. If you want to send the chocolate over long distances, place it in frozen gel packs to keep it fresh.

Plan for Delivery

Contact the courier and ask them to handle the chocolate package carefully. Keep all the essential documents ready, and make sure they don’t delay shipping the chocolate to avoid melting.

Ensure Proper Packaging

Packaging the chocolate is vital to preserving its texture during shipping. To make the job easier, choose a box that is twice the size of the amount of chocolate to be mailed.

This will ensure there is enough room inside to prevent the material from wrapping around. In addition, use a stabilizer inside the package to minimize the impact of the uneven roads on the chocolate.

Using cold packs can also help preserve the coldness of your chocolate, as they perform as a portable refrigerator.

Provide Fast Delivery

Since the chocolate has a low melting point, you should mail them fast. Hence, many couriers recommend shipping chocolate overnight. If possible, try to mail your chocolate the same day.

When it comes to chocolate, the faster the shipping, the better.

Final Words

Whether you are running an online business or want to ship chocolate to a loved one, helping them receive it in optimum condition is vital. This is not only about the taste and texture of the chocolate, but also large effect the admiration.

But, once you’ve figured out how to send chocolate in the mail without it melting, you won’t have to worry.

Simply pack the chocolate properly, choose the right courier serving, and on colder days help receive your lovable in good condition.

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