How to Open Canned Corned Beef?

This might be a problem of everyone who loves canned products but fails to open one properly. Canned meals are like the time-saving meals that you can use to avoid the unwanted hassles and simply drop the ingredients without thinking or worrying about how you will prepare them.

Corned beef is one of the known and used product, many foodies will buy them once they see these cans in the shelves of the super shop chains.

Now, you might have faced the difficulty to open a canned corned beef since you do not know the authentic and appropriate way to dismantle the can.

Ways to dismantle canned corned beef

As we all know that the can of corned beef has a rectangular but edgy shape, unlike the traditional and classic circle types.

So, if you decide to open the lid using the lid opener, then you might not thoroughly open the top part of the can. The reason is simple, the whole can will be out of shape and hence some beef might fall off while struggling to open the can.

Which is why, the canned corned beef has a key attached to the lid. When you manage to pull the key from the can, you will see that the key has a hole, and you have to insert the key inside the thick line of can metal that is popped up.

Once you insert the key and managed to get a hold of the metal-like substance, try to roll that piece clock wise or as if you are trying to open a zipper.

You might find it very strange and weird that why there is a key and why do you have to role the can metal to open the can of corned beef. Here is the thing, can openers sometimes fail to cut the can open properly.

There will be a messy situation going on which can destroy the meal unintentionally. Which is why, the key helps to save half of the problems. The key simply helps the can to be into two halves and no mess is also made while cutting the lid.


Opening a canned corned beef is the easiest thing that any human can do. You just have to know the procedure and ways to open the lid so that the lid does not get inside the beef, and also makes it impossible to eat the meat. The key, therefore, is the only way to cut open the lid accurately.

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