How to Make Hot Chocolate Without Cocoa Powder

Want to serve hot chocolate to the family or friends but suddenly discover the cocoa powder has run out? Don’t worry. Cocoa powder isn’t required, and there are plenty of substitutes available to help make hot chocolate.

However, you must learn how to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder to maintain the original texture and flavor even after replacing the cocoa powder. Continue reading to fulfill your desire with some useful, relevant information.

Making Hot Chocolate Without Cocoa Powder


  • Milk chocolate chips
  • Milk


  • Saucepan
  • Whisk

The Procedure

Put chocolate chips and half a cup of milk in a saucepan and melt them over low heat. Keep stirring the milk and chocolate continuously to prevent them from burning. Then Whisk in the milk slowly until the blend becomes smooth and is warmed through.

Remember, you have to steam the drink instead of boiling it. Once done, take out the pan from the heat. If you prefer to add salt and vanilla, stir those ingredients after taking the pan off the heat.

Tips to Top of the Hot Chocolate Drink

Following are the ingredients you can add to increase the taste and texture of your hot chocolate beverage:

Vanilla Extract

Adding this ingredient to your hot chocolate drink will take it to the next level. Simply pour a tablespoon of vanilla extract into the drink after removing it from the heat.

Peppermint Extract

It’s a great alternative to vanilla. A few drops of peppermint extract can also increase its flavor.

Espresso Powder

A teaspoon of espresso powder will add deep flavor to your hot chocolate drink.

Why do People like This Hot Chocolate Recipe?

  • Hot chocolate with chocolate chips is extremely creamy and much richer.
  • The hot chocolate gets a thicker consistency from the melted chocolate. Even adding cream or full-fat milk makes the recipe highly creamy.
  • This recipe is extremely easy to make, requiring only two steps.
  • The recipe takes only around 10 minutes to prepare.
  • It only requires two main ingredients, like chocolate and milk.
  • The hot chocolate drink can be consumed in plenty of ways by adding various ingredients.
  • This recipe is recommended to be enjoyed immediately after preparing and topping with marshmallows, whipped cream, or sprinkles.
  • It can also be stored in a covered container to enjoy after 3 days.

Final Words

Whether you don’t like cocoa powder or have run out, nothing can prevent you from enjoying hot chocolate.

Learning how to make hot chocolate without cocoa powder will not only improve your maintenance skills, but will also allow you to make the most desired hot chocolate using the resources that are available.

Even cocoa powder isn’t the only changeable ingredient in this recipe. You can also substitute whole milk with coconut milk, nut milk, or heavy cream.

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