How to Make Hot Chocolate with Water

Along with dropping the weather, the best delicious beverage that comes to mind is hot chocolate. And you might want to learn how to make hot chocolate with water particularly if you run out of milk or are vegan and want a dairy-free drink.

Whatever the reason is, below we’ve included multiple ways to add water to the hot chocolate recipe to get the best hot chocolate drink to enjoy this winter.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Water

Excitingly, using water is the easiest and quickest way to make hot chocolate. In most cases, hot chocolate packets come with a recipe to allow using water instead of milk to make your hot chocolate. Even water is the free ingredient of this recipe.

Hot chocolate still tastes delicious even after using water. Below are the methods of making hot chocolate using water:

Add Less Water

If you prefer a thicker texture instead of watery hot chocolate, reduce the amount of water you may add to the recipe. However, you won’t get a full big cup of hot chocolate.

When it comes to using water, you can avoid following the recipe included in the package. Reducing the amount of water will help you get hot chocolate suitable for eating instead of drinking due to its thickness.

Remember, adding less water will make the hot chocolate thick.

Add More Mixture

In contrast to the previous method, if you don’t prefer watery hot chocolate, add more mixture than usual. This way you’ll have a liquid-like texture instead of bland and watery. To do so, use two packets of mixture rather than one.

However, you won’t have to use the full packet of the second one. It means using one and a half packets of a mixture to get the perfect texture of the hot chocolate. You can store the rest half for later to avoid wasting it.

Add a Pinch of Salt

Though it sounds silly, adding a pinch of salt can help maintain the proper texture of hot texture avoiding making it watery.

It also helps balance the taste by absorbing the water slightly. Hence adding a bit of salt will help you get the perfect texture out of your hot chocolate when using water instead of milk.

However, some people are concerned about the effects of the beverage’s sweetness. But the fact is that a pinch of salt isn’t sufficient enough to mess up. Hence you can confidently use salt and enjoy your favorite hot chocolate.

Add More Stuff

Adding sweet add-ins like chocolate chips, whipped cream, marshmallows, or creamer powder can be a handy idea to improve the taste and texture of your hot chocolate.

In addition, these ingredients will add different flavors to the hot chocolate including creaminess and lightness. More excitingly, that’ll help you get the typical hot chocolate beverage that everybody desire.

Final Words

a real cup of hot chocolate is sufficient enough to make cold and chilly days warm and comfortable. Whether you’ve run out of milk or want to avoid this ingredient, knowing how to make hot chocolate with water can be your rescuer.

In addition, you’ve got multiple ways to add water to your hot chocolate recipe to enjoy this drink with desired flavor and texture.

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