How to Make Hot Chocolate with Nesquik

Though Nesquik powder is mainly manufactured to make the milk irresistibly delicious and nutritious, you can make hot chocolate out of it.

So knowing how to make hot chocolate with Nesquik can be a great idea for making hot chocolate drinks effortlessly, particularly when your required ingredients run out.

Even it requires less skill and measurement because it requires only two ingredients, it delivers the original taste. Let’s get the recipe.

Can You Make Hot Chocolate with Nesquik?

Hot chocolate is commonly made using milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and sometimes vanilla extract. But if you run out of these ingredients or simply prefer Nesquik powder, you can go ahead.

The Nesquik powder is a good alternative to those ingredients. In addition, these will be convenient ingredients, particularly if you have a can in the kitchen to make hot chocolate drinks.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Nesquik

You can easily make hot chocolate using Nesquik powder, and it only requires a few minutes.


  • 2-3 tablespoons of Nesquik powder
  • Hot water
  • Marshmallows

The Procedure

Collect all your essentials, including a spoon, mug, hot water, and Nesquik powder. Pour Nesquik powder and hot water into your mug and stir them until the powder dissolves completely. Once done, enjoy your drink.

But if you prefer a richer hot chocolate drink, add milk in place of water. You’ll also need to heat the milk in the microwave and then blend it with Nesquik powder.

In addition, whipped cream or marshmallows can also be added on top to make the treat more special.

How Does Hot Chocolate With Nesquik Taste?

The Nesquik powder contains sugar, cocoa beans, and milk. This ingredient also dissolves in the milk quite efficiently to help make chocolate milk beverages easily and quickly.

In terms of flavor, Nesquik hot chocolate tastes great. Making a hot chocolate drink using this ingredient means you will have a creamy, rich drink with a deep chocolate flavor. The drink is also rich in sweat.

So if you want to make less sweaty hot chocolate, add a smaller amount of powder to the milk. In short, hot chocolate with Nesquik tastes delicious and is a superb drink to enjoy in the winter.

Final Words

Hope you get how to make hot chocolate with Nesquik. Excitingly, it’s a great ingredient to add in water or hot milk while eliminating the need to put a couple of ingredients in and making the procedure time-consuming.

It also ensures the perfect ratio of Nesquik and milk to get the most delectable drink, as you don’t need to measure several items.

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