How to Make Hot Chocolate with Cocoa Powder Microwave

Want to use your microwave to enjoy hot chocolate but don’t know how to make hot chocolate with cocoa powder microwave? Don’t fret. It’s a simple process that’s more efficient than making it on the stovetop.

Even adding cocoa powder eliminates the need to wait for the chocolate chips to melt. Read on to t the recipe and some helpful tips, as well as the benefits of making hot chocolate with cocoa powder in a microwave.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Cocoa Powder Microwave

Making hot chocolate with cocoa powder in the microwave mean making refreshing drinks conveniently even avoiding expensive ingredients. This recipe only requires these ingredients and a microwave:


  • Four tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder.
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • 600 mL of milk
  • Whipped cream

The Procedure

Put the milk in a cup and ensure it is microwave safe. Keep the cup in your microwave for around two minutes at the maximum temperature.

Then add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and cocoa powder and cook in the microwave until all the ingredients mix completely. Once done, whisk them until they turn frothy and smooth.

Pour the drinks into three cups and add around a half teaspoon of sugar to each cup. Then decorate your hot chocolate drink by adding whipped cream. Finally, add your favorite goodies to every cup.

Tips and Warnings While Making Hot Chocolate with Cocoa Powder Microwave

It’s a versatile and customizable hot chocolate drink recipe where you can do some experiments. in this case, you can alternate low-fat milk or soy.

You can also heat the milk separately for around one minute, add cocoa powder, and heat for another minute. This way, your drink will not be too hot, and you will save electricity.

Another trick is to not boil the milk for too long. In addition, adding too much milk, chocolate, and cream can be unhealthy for you, particularly if you drink regularly.

However, you can drink this hot chocolate as an occasional treat. Finally, carefully operate your microwave, as it can be excessively hot.

Why do People Love This Hot Chocolate with Cocoa Powder Microwave?

Making hot chocolate with cocoa powder in a microwave is relatively easier than on the stovetop. It also helps make the drink more quickly. In addition, this method helps prevent the difficulty of splitting on the stovetop.

If you can maintain the timing properly, you’ll have a top perfectly covered with froth.

Final Words

A microwave is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can warm up your food quickly as well as make delicious hot chocolate drinks. It only takes around two minutes to satisfy your chocolate craving.

In addition, you can also add around 3/4 teaspoon of gingerbread spice to enjoy gingerbread hot chocolate.

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