How to Make Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Syrup?

A hot chocolate drink with chocolate syrup is richer and creamier, as well as vegan and dairy-free.

So knowing how to make hot chocolate with chocolate syrup can be a great idea to satisfy your chocolaty hunger while refreshing your mind and enjoying the gathering.

Let’s get the perfect yet quick recipe for making hot chocolate with chocolate syrup, along with some serving suggestions.

How to Make Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Syrup?

This recipe for hot chocolate with chocolate syrup yields a drink suitable for people of all ages.


  • Four tablespoons of Chocolate syrup
  • Milk of choice
  • Canned whipped cream or bottled

The Procedure

Put Hershey’s chocolate syrup in a glass and spurt in some whipped cream to fill almost half the glass. If you don’t have whipped cream, add vanilla extract and powdered sugar instead.

Then mix these ingredients using a spoon. Then, depending on your preferences, add hot milk. You can use whole, soy, 2%, or whatever you want.

Again, stir these ingredients properly using a spoon. Once done, put whipped cream on top of the glass and around the edge of the glass to add a pretty mini mountain appearance.

Finally, drizzle the cream with a spoon into the syrup, and then serve.

Tips to Follow While Making Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Syrup

Though there are alternatives, whipped cream doesn’t have many calories, making it perfect for health-conscious people. Furthermore, shaking the glass will produce the best results, especially when doing the top.

You can also adjust this recipe based on your unique taste. It means that if you want a richer, darker hot chocolate, add more chocolate syrup.

This hot chocolate can also be drunk with regular or substitute milk like soy, almond, or macadamia. This chocolaty drink is also perfect for most diets, as Nomad’s products are gluten- and vegan free.

Serving suggestions of Hot Chocolate

Below are some helpful tips to enjoy the hot chocolate drink while boosting its flavor and texture:

  • You can add chocolate shavings and vegan whipped cream to the recipe.
  • Mini marshmallows are also popular ingredients for topping. However, make sure these don’t contain animal gelatin, particularly if you are vegan.
  • Adding a teaspoon of instant coffee can also bring lots of different tastes.
  • Some people also prefer to add a dash of ground cinnamon before mixing cocoa powder and chocolate.
  • Add 12 ounces Amaretto liqueur to make boozy hot chocolate.
  • Adding 2 teaspoons of nut butter will help you achieve an extra creamy texture and nutty flavor.

Final Words

Hot chocolate with chocolate syrup is a seriously addictive drink. Once you learn how to make hot chocolate with chocolate syrup, perhaps you’ll start making this drink frequently, particularly when the temperature rises or you need something to restore freshness.

You can also personalize this hot chocolate based on your preferences and available resources.

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