How to Make Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain

The Chocolate Fountain Recipe is a great way to enjoy a fancy, delicious, and super simple dessert at any occasion or event. If you don’t know how to make chocolate for chocolate fountain, read on.

Following, we’ve included two different yet perfect ways to make chocolate for the chocolate fountain along with our recommendation for the best chocolate to use in this dessert.

In addition, you’ll also get some helpful tips for cleaning the chocolate fountain after cooking.

How to Make Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain

The following are two preferable methods for making chocolate for chocolate fountain:

Double Boiler Method

Shave and slice the chocolate bars into little chinks using a sharp kitchen knife, and place them in a glass with coconut oil. To make a double broiler, fill a medium pot with around two inches of water.

Bring the pot to a simmer and place a bowl with the chocolate above it. Make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Keep the temperature at a low simmer.

Mix coconut oil and chocolate using a rubber spatula until they become smooth and the oil melts properly. Once done, put the softened chocolate into the chocolate fountain.

Instant Pot Method

Put around two cups of water in the instant pot’s bottom. Then push the sauté button and activate the low mode. Put a glass over the instant pot’s lip and then add chocolate.

While the chocolate is melting, stir it occasionally. Add melted chocolate to the chocolate fountain.

Tips for Cleaning a Chocolate Fountain

After making chocolate for the chocolate fountain, clean it immediately. Otherwise, the harder it will be to clean the hardened chocolate the longer you wait.

To avoid the difficulty, wipe off the chocolate using a paper towel. Then, place the fountain pieces in a sink and clean them using soapy water. Finally, allow the fountain to air dry before storing it.

Which Chocolate should you use for Chocolate Fountain?

The best chocolate for a chocolate fountain is Belgian. It’s premium-grade chocolate that melts extremely easily at a lower temperature. Hence, its sugar won’t burn.

As a result, the flavor will not only remain delectably sweet and rich but also get a free-flowing consistency, making it great for pouring down on the chocolate fountain.

Final Words

Though chocolate fountains seem fancy, these are amazingly affordable yet simple desserts. Hope you understand how to make chocolate for chocolate fountain to serve party guests and let them enjoy the added touch of fun.

This recipe is also handy for making sophisticated and glamorous treats for celebrating a special moment or event.

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