How to Grow Ergot Fungus On Rye Bread?

It is quite a common thing to see fungus or molds growing on breads right when the breads were kept open for a long time.

Typically, when the breads are kept for more than 3 days after production, the top layer of the bread starts to develop some molds which can be harmful to consume.

Similarly, if you see any sort of fungi growing on rye bread, then don’t be surprised, since this was bound to happen. However, there is a fungus name ergot which grows on rye and wheats which are considered beneficial for some particular reasons.

So, does that mean this fungus will grow on rye breads as well, since the bread is completely made with rye?

Is it possible to grow ergot fungus on rye bread?

To answer the question, if your bread is made with rye, then you can blindly guarantee to spot ergots on your bread. As mentioned before, ergot fungus has potential benefits like pausing excessive bleeding when women have a heavy menstrual cycle.

However, there is a side effect while consuming ergot fungus. You know about the drug, LSD, right? Ergot is used to make LSDs and other products since it has the capability to make you feel high.

Not only that, you may feel like you are hallucinating since the chemical that ergot grows has the hallucinating chemical which can affect the health of anyone who consumes that.

However, if you are still interested in growing ergot fungus on rye bread, then simply leave it open, without wrapping the bread pieces or loaf in any plastic bags or foils.

The pollen will infect the rye bread and hence the ergot will eventually grow. The suggestion, however, is to avoid consuming the fungus in case you do not want to ruin your health.

Final Words

Ergot fungus can be beneficial for some particular reasons, but mostly this fungus is used to make drug-like products that can play with people’s mind and brain.

Now, even after all that, if you still want to grow ergot fungus on rye breads, then simply leave it open and make sure nothing falls on that piece of bread. Otherwise the fungi will not grow properly.

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