How to Get a Butter Stain Out

Do you cook frequently with creamy butter or discover a stain on clothing but don’t know how to get a butter stain out? Read on

Removing butter stains from clothing is a quick yet simple procedure, and there are numerous methods you can apply to get the job done.

In the following, we’ve described some quick and more effective methods to get butter stains out at home, even using the commonly available accessories.

How to get a butter stain out? – 4 Simple Techniques

Fortunately, you can remove butter stains from your clothing in plenty of ways at minimum cost and time at home. Some of the most effective techniques are listed below.

Dishwashing Liquid

All you need is a clean cloth, dishwashing liquid, warm water, and a toothbrush. First blot the butter stain with a clean cloth.

Then add the dishwashing liquid directly to the butter stain and rub it in with your fingers.
Now spray the butter stain with warm water and use the toothbrush to softly scrub the stain away.

The butter is now starting to disappear. Finally, pop the shirt or cloth into the washer and dryer. And once that’s done, your clothes should look nice and new again.

Liquid Laundry Detergent

The earlier you notice the grease spots, the more effective this LLD method will work. Start by clotting off excess butter using a spoon or dull knife.

Pretreat the clothing using a stain remover. Blot the affected area and lauder separately.

Otherwise, cleaning with another cloth may spread the butter stain and you may need to wash all the cloth.

If the initial wash can’t remove the butter stain, place the clothing on an absorbent pad, keeping the stain side down.

Then apply some liquid laundry detergent on the opposite side of the stain and start blotting using the absorbent pad for a few minutes and finally launder.

WD-40 Fluid

Though WD-40 is mostly used to protect the metal from rust and lubricate squeaky wheels, it can also effectively get a butter stain out.

More importantly, this fluid works best on dried butter stains. It usually loosens the stain to allow it to be treated efficiently and removed from clothing completely.

All it needs to do is spray some WD-40 on the affected area and wait a while until the residual butter starts emulsifying, and then launder the clothing.

Hairspray Technique

This hairspray technique is another easy to apply yet inexpensive method to get butter stain out.

Simply spray some hairspray on the butter stain, wash the clothing, and take the spotless clean clothing out of the washing machine.

Final Words

Fortunately, you have learned how to get a butter stain out of clothing with four simple yet inexpensive techniques that can be easily done at home.

No matter what technique you apply, don’t forget to use warm water and check the clothing carefully out of the washing machine.

There may still be hard-to-see spots that may require air drying.

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