How to Cook Frozen Garlic Bread Without an Oven?

Nowadays microwave oven or any oven is a necessity in every household. Oven is required to warm any type of dishes or even cook in them.

Amongst all those dishes and snacks, garlic bread is something every household made once or twice. Now, cooking frozen garlic bread using oven is really simple and easy task, since the only thing you have to do is to brush the mixture on the bread and put them in the oven tray.

However, is it possible to cook frozen garlic bread without an oven and get the same texture and flavor an oven gives you?

Cooking frozen garlic bread without using oven

Unfortunately, garlic bread let that be frozen or fresh, you cannot make them without using ovens. The way the mixture needs to get inside the bread to get the flavor from inside and out, cooking on stoves or inductions cannot do the job properly.

The oven will pass the heat from each corner and then help to bake the bread and ensure that the layers are soft, flavorful, and crispy. In case you are hoping to make the garlic bread on stove, there is a lot of process to go through.

You have to make sure that the bread does not get burned from the down layer. Also, you have to keep this in mind that in case you close the lid of your pan, the moisture will eventually drop on the bread, which will eventually ruin the actual theme of the garlic bread, the crispiness.

Now, if you use frozen bread to make garlic breads, then cooking on stoves is a straight no. It is simply because the layer facing the pan will burn the second it receives the heat.

Since the frozen bread is not thawed, the moisture will not remain intact for a long time, and hence the bread will become soggy and ruined.

However, if you want to take a long and lengthy step to make garlic bread without using ovens, here is the only way. You can use the aluminum foil beneath the pan so that the heat does not directly reach the bread.

Along with that, the aluminum foil should also be at the top of the garlic bread so that the moisture does not fall on the bread directly. Although this will not give the accurate garlic bread taste, but it can resemble the taste.

Final word

Garlic bread is something you cannot make unless you have the appropriate cooking ingredients and utensils.

Resembling the restaurant or chef-like taste is quite a difficult task in case you cook from your home with less or no professional kitchen appliances. Although garlic bread can be made in the stove, but you will not get the exact texture.

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