How Much Does a Stick of Butter Cost?

Planning to cook something with improved flavor and texture of butter in this upcoming weekend? But don’t know how much does a stick of butter cost? Butter is a versatile and key ingredient for plenty of recipe which you can’t ignore due to price.

However butter is a bit expensive than other alternative and it also varies. Read on to understand the price range of butter and reason why it’s pricier.

How Much Does a Stick of Butter Cost?

The cost of butter varies based on its size, type, brand and location across the nation. Typically, the cost of butter ranges from $3 to $15. For example, 8 oz of Unsalted European Style Organic Valley Cultured Butter cost $3.75 while 16 oz of Horizon Organic Salted Butter cost $12.45.

In addition, spreadable type butter like 8 oz Kerrygold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter cost $7.17 and 16 oz Horizon Organic Salted Butter cost $12.45.

Apart from that, reduced fat type 7.5 oz Purity Farms Organic Ghee Clarified Butter cost $5.92 whereas 8.3 oz Simply Ghee Honey Ghee cost $15.11.

Why is Butter so Expensive?

Generally, it requires lot of milk to produce one stick of butter, making it logically expensive. Another fact is that butter is one of the key ingredients to make wide range of dishes whether it is savory and sweet. Peanut butter also becomes expensive due to the increased demand.

Another reason is that the cows. The quality of milk and milk fat used to prepare butter is directly tied to the quality of feed and stress level of the cow.

Butter is a must have ingredient. No matter the price, butter is simply an essential ingredient and people will always buy it as it’s too delicious.

Final words

When it’s come to butter recipe, it usually doesn’t matter how much does a stick of butter cost. If you are addicted to the texture and flavor of butter, you can’t ignore it due to the price.

However knowing the price of stick of butter can help you arrange or consider the budget may require for your recipe and estimate the kitchen maintenance budget properly.

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