How Much Does a Beef Wellington Cost?

Beef wellington is like the most expensive and premium dish that you can find at a restaurant which are ratted 5-star or is a Michelin restaurant.

Even Gordon Ramsay loves making and eating beef wellington since the meat that is used is a premium cut. Either from the sirloin or tenderloin cuts which are expensive and equally delicious to eat.

Since this are found at the premium restaurants, you might be wondering how much can these meat-based products cost, and why do they cost so much?

What is the price of a beef wellington?

Honestly, beef wellington is a celebration dish and is eaten only during Christmas hours or even during New Year’s Eve. Hence, it is obvious that the price will be higher or moderate, depending on the kitchens and restaurants they are served.

Since beef tenderloins are mostly used to make the wellington, they are extremely premium dish. Although, from outside, it looks like a puff pastry which has a feeling of a big beef rolled inside and cooked in a rare to medium well done, depending on the taste of the consumers.

So, to start from the dining restaurants where you can find every dish at a reasonable and bargain price, beef wellington might not taste that superior and finger-licking good, but the price will be from 10 bucks to 40 bucks.

The reason is simply because the meat that is used is not a premium cut beef, or to specify, the beef is not a tenderloin beef but any other meat cuts that got used for replicating the recipe of a beef wellington.

However, if the 5-star restaurants or Michelin restaurants are taken into considerations, then assume that the price will be from 60 bucks till 100 and above bucks.

Since they use the real tenderloin meat and also, they use various premium spices which makes the dish extremely delicious to eat.

Final words

Beef wellington is a dish that is considered a premium dish not only because they are eaten during special occasions like Christmas or New Year, but they are also made straight from the premium beef cuts.

Depending on the restaurants or dining places you decide to grab a bite, the price varies. However, the price of this dish is pretty much on the higher side since they are considered premium dish with superior ingredients that adds a much rich flavors and textures which even homemade wellingtons lack.

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