How Many Pieces of Beef Jerky is 1 oz?

Have you ever encountered with a foodie who intakes a lot of meal at one time? Do you think they ever thought how much they are eating and what might be the estimated weight of the meal or snacks they are munching on?

It is a no brainer that they don’t have the time to analyze and calculate their meal portions since they are busy eating as much as their stomach can intake.

One of the famous snacks that people love to much on is beef jerky. But this particular meaty snack has certain ingredients that your health might not take in if eaten over the limit.

So, what do you think, how many pieces of beef jerky is one ounce?

How many beef jerky pieces is one ounce?

You might have seen a lot of packaging with various information written at the back of the packet. Varying on different brands and their servings, beef jerky is actually pretty light.

However, they can vary in size as well, depending on the brand packaging. However, let’s focus on the average beef jerky packages that brands usually make. Every brand typical packaging weight is one ounce, and if it is calculated in grams, then it makes 28 grams.

If we compare the ounces of beef jerky with other food products, then it will be the size of an American cheese slice. Now, think of cutting that one cheese slice into thick, vertical pieces. You will get maximum 4 to 5 pieces of vertical cheese slices.

Similarly, if you get a packet of 28 grams of beef jerky, you will receive 4 pieces of beef jerky per serving.

Now, people might not be delighted with such small amounts of beef jerky since they are thin and easily eaten without feeling heavy and bloated.

However, it is recommended to not eat more than 50 grams or less than 2 ounces of beef jerky.

Final Word

Overall, you will get 4 pieces of beef jerky in every ounce of packets. Some brands will provide a bit more than regular servings, which you might know as free meal.

There might be an extra jerky available in some brand packets depending on their causes, but that does not mean that you will get 5 pieces of jerky every ounce.

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