How Many Ounces of Peanut Butter in a Cup

What if your recipe asks to add peanut butter in ounces instead of a cup? How will you then add the exact amount to get the desired taste and texture? In this case, knowing how many ounces of peanut butter in a cup can give you peace of mind.

This way you can convert your recipe’s ingredients from cup to ounce and cook accurately. Read on to get your required information and a simple process of measuring peanut butter.

How Many Ounces of Peanut Butter in a Cup

Peanut butter is loaded with good and health-promoting nutrients including magnesium, iron, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. In addition, it’s a versatile ingredient and suitable for almost any delectable recipe.

Even research also shows that eating nut butter including peanut butter help reduce the risk of causing heart disease and type 2-diabetes.

So whether you are interested in nutrients or flavor and texture, peanut butter is your easily accessible and affordable ingredient for the kitchen maintenance task.

But what if your recipe asks for the number of ingredients in ounces instead of a cup? Therese is nothing to worry about. Generally, one US cup of peanut butter is equal to eight ounces.

Hope this little knowledge will let you convert your recipe’s measurement from cup to ounces to use the exact amount and get the perfect meal or snack.

How to Measure Peanut Butter

Luckily measuring peanut butter is extremely easier. Peanut butter is usually stuck to measuring cups and kitchen tools which may throw off the measurement.

Hence we include this easy and quick method of measuring peanut butter more precisely using a measuring cup.

Measuring Cup

In terms of measuring cups, choose one that is suitable for dry ingredients and corresponds to your required amount of peanut butter. Before measuring peanut butter in a cup, spray the cup’s interior using non-stick cooking spray.

This will prevent the peanut butter from sticking to the cup’s inside. Otherwise, it can reduce the peanut butter’s amount you want to use in dishes. If you don’t have cooking spray, you can use melted butter or cooking oil.

Then spray the spatula that you’ll use to scoop the peanut butter for the reason of spraying in the measuring cup. Now fill your measuring cup with peanut butter. Level of the peanut butter’s top to allow you to run flush with the measuring cup’s edges.

This way you’ll be able to add the exact amount of peanut butter into the recipe without wasting a lot. Remember, you won’t get the exact measurement if you don’t level the peanut butter’s top.

Final Words

Peanut butter is a mostly used and popular ingredient to cook a wide range of side dishes and treats.

However, it’s a need to add the exact amount of peanut butter in the recipe based on its requirement in certain measurement methods.

So if your recipe asks the amount of the ingredients in ounces instead of a cup, you’ll have to add accordingly. This is where how many ounces of peanut butter in a cup will be greatly beneficial to avoid guesswork which can damage the flavor and texture.

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