How Many Calories in an Apple With Peanut Butter

A crisp apple paired with a serving of peanut butter is a desirable snack for many people.

But can you consume a whole apple or a spoonful of peanut butter, especially if you are a dieter or health-conscious person?

In this case, knowing how many calories in an apple with peanut butter will relieve you from headaches. This little information will let you consume the right amount of snacks to maintain good health.

Read on to learn how many calories in an apple with peanut butter and how much to eat, as well as some health benefits of this snack.

How Many Calories In An Apple With Peanut Butter?

One medium-sized (182 gram) apple has 95 calories, while two tablespoons of 32-gram peanut butter has 188 calories. Together, these foods offer approximately 283 calories.

It’s a good amount for most people to enjoy as midday snacks or afternoon snacks between lunch and dinner.

You can increase the portion and eat these foods along with a veggie-grain bowl if you are energetic or desire something more substantial.

However, you should be mindful and response to the hunger and fullness signs of your body to avoid overeating.

Below are approximate calories containing various weights of apple with peanut butter:

How Much Should You Eat an Apple With Peanut Butter?

It depends on the unique nutritional needs of the individual’s body. Though an apple with peanut butter is a great snack, you shouldn’t eat it excessively.

And it’s best if you consume this snack with your diet food. Otherwise, it can bring the consequences of taking too many calories for the body beyond what it needs.

A Few Vital Health Benefits of an Apple with Peanut Butter

Apart from being a tasty snack, the health benefits it provides to the body are:

Anti-Inflammatory Potential

Apples are a great source of flavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory potential that reduces the risk of causing various chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Helps Balance Blood Sugar

Regularly eating apples and peanut butter can help maintain improved blood sugar.

Consuming a large amount of fresh food also reduces the risk of developing diabetes, while eating peanuts helps retain moderate blood sugar levels.

Supports Digestion

Apples and peanut butter both contain lots of fiber that helps maintain optimum digestive tract function.

Fiber supports the buildup of healthy gut bacteria and prevents certain digestive disorders like acid reflux and colon cancer.

Apart from that, consuming an apple with peanut butter also helps keep the heart healthy and lose weight.

Final Words

As a health-conscious person, you must know how many calories in an apple with peanut butter. You can only enjoy this snack’s delicious taste and take the benefits of nutrients.

Though you already know the approximate calorie range of various weights of apples and peanut butter, consult with your doctor to determine how much to include in your diet.

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