How Many Calories in a Stick of Butter

A stick of butter is rich in nutrients and lots of beneficial components, as well as linoleic acid and saturated fat.

So a stick of butter can be an important part of a low-carbohydrate diet to maintain your weight but also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart problems.

Hence, it’s crucial to know how many calories are in a stick of butter so you can consume the proper amount of butter to enjoy its health benefits while avoiding health risks.

Read on to learn the number of calories included in various sizes of a stick of butter and some health risks of overeating.

How many calories in a stick of butter

Typically, a stick of butter has 810 calories. However, a stick of butter comes in different sizes and types. Hence, the number of calories may also vary.

Below is a list of different size sticks of butter along with approximate calories:

Consequences of Overeating Stick of Butter

Counting calories in a stick of butter is highly related to becoming aware of its side effects.

Understanding these side effects will encourage you to eat the proper amount of butter in your meals to only enjoy its health benefits.

Increase in LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol

A stick of butter is rich in saturated fat, and only one-third of 7 grams is the daily recommended allowance.

Overeating saturated fats increases LDL and HDL cholesterol, which is bad for health. This can also enhance the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and clots.

Lead to heart disease

Saturated butter contains a stick of butter that can also contribute to heart disease due to eating excessively.

This also elevates the LDL cholesterol and leads to heart disease. Apart from that, saturated fat encourages the buildup of plaque in the arteries, which reduces the efficiency of blood flow.

Contribute to the visceral fat’s development

According to research by the National Library of Medicine, if you eat too many sticks of butter, it’ll increases the risk of developing visceral fat.

Overeating sticks of butter leads to storing excess visceral fat in the abdomen, which can cause negative health conditions like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and type 1 diabetes.

Lead to Obesity

A stick of butter contributes to weight gain and obesity. It can also lead to health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers.

Final Words

So, now you know how many calories in a stick of butter. I hope this information aids you get the right amount of calories from butter.

This way, you’ll only enjoy nutrients and other health benefits, avoiding the side effects.

Lastly, check the label of your stick butter package so you can understand the exact number of calories it includes and prepare the diet meal accordingly.

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