How Many Calories in a Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate milkshakes conjure up memories of childhood treats and are perfect drinks for enjoying lazy summer days.

Though the treat contains vitamins and minerals, it’s a rich and creamy beverage and isn’t considered the healthiest dessert.

Hence, it’s crucial to know how many calories in a chocolate milkshake so you can enjoy this dessert while avoiding side effects.

Read on to learn the calorie range of various sizes and brands of chocolate milkshakes and some key benefits of drinking this treat.

How Many Calories in a Chocolate Milkshake

A chocolate milkshake may have a wide range of calories depending on the weight of the drink and the brand.

Typically, one medium-sized or 16 fl oz chocolate milkshake contains around 478 calories, while a homemade 10 fl oz contains around 396 calories.

In addition, if you drink a glass of chocolate milkshake, you’ll get 170 calories that come from carbohydrates, proteins, and fat.

For the brand, McDonald’s chocolate milkshake contains 520 calories; while Chick-fil-A’s chocolate milkshake has around 580 calories.

Following are various size chocolate milkshakes with approximate calories

Benefits of Chocolate Milkshakes

Though chocolate milkshakes are barely considered a healthy food, they still have some nutritional value as they contain minerals and vitamins.

So, you can add a moderate amount of chocolate milkshake to your balanced diet. The following are some health benefits of chocolate milkshakes:


Chocolate milkshakes contain choline, which is vital for healthy nerve function. This drink can also produce acetylcholine, which helps in brain communication and is helpful for muscle control.

Other benefits of choline are improved metabolism support and the contribution of healthy cell membranes.

Typically, a 10.6-ounce chocolate milkshake has 51 mg of choline, which is around 12% and 9% of the daily intake recommended for women and men, respectively.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Chocolate milkshakes improve bone health thanks to their phosphorus and calcium content. These minerals also promote hydroxyapatite, which hardens teeth and bones.

In addition, calcium contributes to nerve communication while phosphorus nourishes cell membranes.

Each chocolate milkshake offers 378 mg of phosphorus and 396 mg of calcium, which are 40% and 54% of the daily recommended intake of calcium and phosphorus, respectively.

Vitamin B-12

Chocolate milkshakes also contain vitamin B-12, which improves healthy circulation and nerve health.

This mineral also promotes hemoglobin production, which aids in red blood cells’ circulating oxygen.

Every chocolate milkshake contains 1 mg of vitamin B-12, which is 42% of the daily recommended intake.

Final Words

After knowing how many calories in a chocolate milkshake, hope now you can add the recommended amount to your diet.

As mentioned, a chocolate milkshake isn’t a healthy food, so over-consuming it can cause weight gain. It can also be the side effect of extra fat along with keeping you fresh on hot summer days.

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