How Many Calories in a Chocolate-Glazed Donut?

Chocolate glazed donuts and a cup of coffee are a great combination to make the morning fresh while enjoying sweat and crispy treats. However, it’s wise to determine how many calories in a chocolate glazed donut so you can add the appropriate amount to the diet.

This way, you can turn this sweat treat into a healthy snack to enjoy the flavor while avoiding potential health diseases.

Read on to understand the calorie range of various sizes and brands of chocolate glazed donuts.

How Many Calories in a Chocolate-Glazed Donut?

All chocolate glazed donuts aren’t created equally. For example, yeast doughnuts are prepared from yeast dough, making them fluffier and taller than other types.

On the other hand, cake doughnuts are made using a leavening agent like baking powder, making them denser.

In addition, old-fashioned doughnuts contain a cake-like texture, resulting in a crispy and bumpy exterior. These donuts are also cooked using buttermilk or sour cream.

The calories contained in chocolate glazed donuts vary depending on the ingredients contained in them and the method followed to prepare the treat.

In general, chocolate glazed donuts contain 312 calories.  Among various-sized doughnuts, Starbucks’ Old Fashioned glazed donut has the highest amount of calories as it is quite large at 113 grams. In comparison, most chocolate glazed donuts weigh 50 to 70 grams.

Below are various types of chocolate glazed donuts along with approximate calories:

How Many Calories in a Chocolate-Glazed Donut?
How Many Calories in a Chocolate-Glazed Donut?

Below is various size chocolate glazed donut with approximate calories:

How Much Chocolate Glazed Donut Should You Eat?

Compared to custard or jelly doughnuts, glazed doughnuts are a fairly healthy option. Though you can use this treatment as a healthy breakfast or snack, you should only take a moderate amount.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines, a person shouldn’t consume more than 10% sugar in their daily calories.

It means if you eat 2000 calories, which is less than 200 calories, you can only take in 50 grams of sugar per day.

This means you can eat only a few doughnuts with sugar-sweetened coffee for your breakfast. Otherwise, overeating this chocolate glazed donut can cause weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

You can only enjoy your favorite glazed doughnut occasionally, as making it a habit won’t be healthy for your health.

Final Words

Hope you understand how many calories in a chocolate glazed donut. Truthfully, glazed chocolate donuts aren’t healthy; however, you can enjoy these treats for some time.

Otherwise, eating too many chocolate glazed donuts can cause various health diseases over time. Finally, if you desire to enjoy chocolate glazed donuts without breaking the calorie bank, eat only one or two doughnut holes.

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