How Many Calories in a Chocolate Donut

Chocolate donuts are moist, soft, and full of chocolate flavor, making them desirable among kids to adults. Though chocolate donuts are beneficial for health, they contain saturated fats.

Hence it’s crucial to know how many calories in a chocolate donut so you can determine the moderate amount to eat and avoid the health risks.

However different sizes and types of chocolate donuts contain different amounts of calories.

Read on to get a basic idea about the calorie facts of various types and sizes of chocolate donuts so you can eat accordingly.

How Many Calories in a Chocolate Donut?

Chocolate donut is a rich source of calorie and it has lots of sugar and fat that don’t have much nutritional value.

Typically, the calorie fact in a chocolate donut varies on its type and size of it. For example, Glazed Chocolate Donuts contain 340 calories while Dunkin Donuts only has 220 calories.

Following various types of chocolate donuts along with their approximate calorie

Different Size Chocolate Donuts with Approximate Calorie

A medium size chocolate donut with 80 grams weight typically contains 362 calories.
Below are various sizes of chocolate donuts available out there with calories:

Final Words

Hope now you know how many calories in a chocolate donut. Though you can eat a handful of chocolate donuts many research suggests a small portion or moderately.

This way you can enjoy its health benefits like lower blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, prevent blood clots, and lower LDL cholesterol.

Otherwise, the saturated fat of these treats can cause various health risks

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