How Long Does it Take to Digest Bread?

If you are a health enthusiast, you might be researching a lot about carbs and how long do they need to get digested. One of the carbs that people love eating, either with fillings on top or inside of it, or even have it plain and simple is particularly ‘bread’.

Bread is like the food that completes your snack desire when you are extremely hungry and have nothing better to suppress your hunger.

However, you might start having concerns since bread is a carb, and consuming too much of it can be dangerous for your health. Which is why, you might wonder how long does it take to digest bread?

How long does a bread take to get digested?

Bread digestion completely depends on what kind of bread you are consuming and what ingredients were used while making those particular bread variations.

But to come up with the approximate duration of the digestion of bread, it might take from two hours till four hours or more.

However, if the bread has more nutrients in it and is thin and dense in general, then it might take less than 2 hours assumably.

In addition to that, if you have the sweet, Americanized, white bread which only has sweet fillings all over the bread piece, then it will be a difficult thing to digest. Around 4-5 hours will be the safest duration to assume to digest that bread pieces.

Which bread types are easier to digest?

If we take into considerations about the nutrients and ingredients added in the bread, sourdough bread takes the number one position.

Just because of the prebiotics and probiotics that got created while the fermentation procedure was going on, the bread is easier to digest and swallow as well.

Moreover, if you have restrictions in particular ingredients like gluten, then gluten free breads are also available. Those fiber-based food helps in faster digestion and it is also tasty if you have it plain and simple.


All in all, digesting bread might take a lot of time, like two to four hours, and that too, it depends on the ingredients used while kneading the bread and baking it. But this entire duration approximation is not for the whole digestion process.

The hours mentioned is simply the duration it takes the bread to dissolve inside the stomach. However, the whole digestion process may take up to sixty hours or less than that.

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