How long does HelloFresh meat last in fridge?

It is quite a difficult task for full-time employees to find some time from their busy schedule and cook for themselves. Moreover, making a list of groceries that will be enough to run for a week is another difficult task.

This is where HelloFresh comes handy. They sell weekly groceries and recipes that goes with the groceries they sent so that you don’t have to worry about the meal preparation and the groceries required to prepare the food.

Starting from veggies till varieties of meat, they have all sorts of ingredients to create your perfect meal. However, the concern of how long does their meat last in the fridge rises.

Can HelloFresh meat last for long in the fridge?

Although HelloFresh meals are generally prescribed to consume within 4-5 days after the delivery of the kit, but you can still store them in the fridge.

Since HelloFresh sells both cooked meat and raw meat, you cannot use the same preservation technique on both the variety.

If you ordered cooked meat, then the meat can last for up to two weeks and not more than that. Since they are precooked, the chances of getting rotten inside the fridge escalated pretty quickly.

On the other hand, if you decide to store raw and uncooked meat, it can last for up to 2 months. But it may lose its juiciness if the meat is preserved for too long.

What is the process of preserving HelloFresh meat in the fridge?

If you want to enjoy your HelloFresh meat for a long time, and also avoid spoiling the meat, there are a few processes out of many, that will help to preserve the meat and last longer:

1) You have to make sure to put the meat in the fridge as soon as you receive it. If you keep in open for too long, maybe for an hour or two, chances of the meat getting contaminated increases.

So, it is better to store the freshly cut meat right after you receive the order.

2) Proper storage is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the meat for a long period of time. HelloFresh uses icebags and insulated freezing bags that helps to keep the meat fresh and edible.

Hence, you can directly put the meat with icebags and freezing bags into the fridge and then unzip it when needed.

3) If you want to keep your meet fresh, bear in mind about the air exposure. No matter how much you wrapped your HelloFresh meat properly, there is a high chance of getting your meat exposed and lead to air contamination.

Which is why the meat should get stored in a vacuum sealed box or zip lock bags so that no air can enter inside the bag and contaminate the meat.


Ordering from HelloFresh is a great way to save your time and get your groceries and meals prepared. If you are a cooking enthusiast, recipes from HelloFresh will aid you to prepare your weekly meals using the groceries they sent along with the recipes.

So, even if it is their meat or veggies, storing it properly will ensure the freshness and nutrition even after preserving them in the fridge.

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