How Long Can I Keep Onion Juice Without Refrigeration?

It is quite difficult to find a kitchen where onions are not used. This vegetable is the most used ingredient, found in every savory or salty dishes.

You simply cannot make a lot of dishes or cuisines without onions since the flavors that onions give is so authentic that it makes the dish taste superior and irresistible.

Onions can be used by slicing or cutting them and then pour them in the marinated dish, or can be used as a juice for other home or skin purposes.

The extracted juice of onions can be used as a skincare product or for preventing hair loss. Now, you are worried since you do not know whether onion juices can be kept even when they are not stored in the fridge.

Is it possible to store onion juice without the use of fridge?

Well, here is the thing. Onions are that kind of vegetable that contains sulfur. The reason is because they are root vegetables and does not grow on trees.

Which is why storing them outside without refrigerating them will turn the onion juice into brownish color, and brownish color means you cannot use the juices for anything.

However, if you really have to store them somewhere outside of the fridge or freezer, then all you have to do is to add vinegar or lemon juice while juicing the onions.

The vinegar will lock the sulfur from getting brownish and help to store the juice for a longer time period. Such method is for a few hours or maximum for a day.

Otherwise, the vinegar will destroy the nutrients of the onion and it might become poisonous to apply in either skin or even in the meals. Now, you have bear in mind that the juice should be stored in a glass jar and kept somewhere where no sunlight passes.

In short, you have to keep the juice jar in somewhere cold. This will help you to utilize the onion juice for a long time, maximum three to four days.
The only sad thing about storing onion juice is that the juice needs to be stored in fridge for maximum usability.

Final words

Onion juice helps the human body in plenty of ways, from inside and out. At some point of time, you might not be in a state where you can store the juice in the fridge or anywhere that can provide negative temperature.

This is why, storing them without refrigeration is the only way to use the juice.

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