Does Great Harvest Have Gluten Free Bread?

Great harvest is one of the famous and popular brands that sells bread and other products that people love the most.

You may find this brand selling in every super market or anywhere that sells food product. Their breads are so high in nutrition and delicious to eat that people would not think twice about buying their breads.

Moreover, they are freshly baked for which there is no option for the bread to not be in any people’s demand. But the query rises for those who has certain allergic reactions.

Since great harvest bread uses whole grain wheat to make their breads, is there any option available for those who tend to go gluten free?

Does great harvest provide gluten free breads?

Despite being the greatest bread producing brand, known by many people, there are still a few issues that might sadden the consumers.

The bread company clearly stated that they are not at all a gluten free producer since their main reason that people love their bread is the whole wheat they use.

Let that be any type of bread they make, sourdough, white bread, rye, cake bread, or anything, you will find the whole wheat in them.

However, they also claimed that they do take certain orders that gluten free consumer makes.

Nevertheless, they do not regularly make any gluten free breads. Although, they specifically mentioned in their webpage that they make sure none of the triggering ingredients are used while making those special gluten free batches.

But they cannot thoroughly ensure that the ingredients that is used to make the gluten free batch has anything that any gluten free consumers might not want to have.

Since they are in everyone’s demand because of the way they make the bread using everything based on wheat, they might not want to risk taking such orders for those who tend to have life threatening or severe reaction on gluten. Hence, they stated to go for the alternatives in case they do not want to play a risky game.


Great harvest is a great brand that produces breads that are freshly baked and also healthy to eat. However, some people might not get what they want since they do not produce any gluten free breads for those with gluten allergy.

This might not be a great thing for their business in case majority of the people decides to go gluten free.

Nonetheless, they clearly mentioned to go for alternatives since they cannot change their way of making their breads or produce a special gluten free batch.

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