Does Frozen Meat Weigh More Than Thawed Meat?

I have seen many people being highly concerned about the weight of frozen and defrost meat. This concerns particularly happens in the superstores or marketplaces.

The sellers sell their meat according to the weights of the meat, let that be frozen or defrosted. Arising doubts and concerns are obvious in every consumer’s mind that whether they are paying more for frozen meat or thawed meat.

Eventually, you will be eager to know about whether frozen meat weigh more than thawed meat. Also, which one is better to consume if you buy it from the malls or super shops.

Frozen vs Thawed- which one weighs more?

Thawed meat is simply the frozen meat which was kept outside for a long time to be defrosted. As the compact ice formed in the meat dissolves, the meat automatically loses its weigh. Now here is the thing.

We all know that any meat that we consume consists of bones, fats, tissues, and the important most part, muscle. That muscle contains 70% and above water and only 20% remaining are protein.

The other materials that muscle contains are minerals, fats, and carbohydrates, which does not affect the water percentage of the muscle.

Now, if the raw meat is put in the freezer to become frozen, the water inside the meat will eventually solidify. Hence the weight of the meat will slightly escalate, but when that meat is defrosted, or thawed, the meat will lose the water.

Not only the water level decreases from the outer layer, but also, the water inside of the meat also decreases.

There is a chance that 30% of the muscle water is lost while defrosting, resulting in the lose of the meat weight. Hence, we can say that frozen meat weights more than thawed meat.

Is frozen meat better than thawed?

Honestly, thawed and frozen meat are the same quality meat. However, thawed meat has the probability to lose certain minerals and other important resources since the water inside the meat is lost.

Hence the juiciness of the meat might not be present in the thawed meat. But, to cook frozen meat, we have to be careful about certain points.

We have to give an ample amount of time to properly cook the frozen meat, since the inside of the meat might be raw or uncooked if the heat does not enter inside the meat piece.

Final Words

Overall, both frozen and thawed meat are similar and at the same time delicious to eat. But, super shops and malls tend to decide the price based on the weight of the meat.

So, buying frozen meat might be costly, yet a better decision to buy since the protein, fats, and other additional nutrients are intact.

But, if you are willing to buy meat at a lower price, you can safely choose the thawed meat without thinking twice.

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