Does Dairy Queen have Chocolate Ice Cream?

Undoubtedly, the dairy queen is one of the best places for the ice cream lover to get creamy soft serve. Though DQ has a wide range of franchises and stores, it is worth checking its menu list. If you are a chocolate lover, you may wonder does the dairy queen have chocolate ice cream or not. If so, keep reading.

Following we’ve discussed whether DQ has chocolate ice, their deciding factors, and the variations they offer

Does Dairy Queen have Chocolate Ice Cream?

You can get chocolate ice cream in some dairy queen while you won’t get it from others. Even you’ll find some restaurants in the middle. It means they serve chocolate ice cream on special days like Friday or Sunday.

In the United States, there are more than 2000 franchises with over 4500 stores and they have different ideas and standards.

And the reasons why many of them don’t sell chocolate ice cream are:

Maybe Unprofitable

Typically ice cream machines cost about $27000 and many owners worry that it might not pay off. In addition, they don’t want to go with one chocolate and one vanilla as it can cause trouble if one gets damaged. Hence many stores like to serve only vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate ice cream.

Lack of Space

Many stores don’t have sufficient space to place two soft-serve machines. It’s particularly true for small dairy queens. Franchise suffers from finding adequate room for placing two machines at a time.

Chocolate Ice Cream Options at Dairy Queen

You can get chocolate ice cream easily at Dairy Queen if your local stores sell it. But if your local franchise doesn’t sell chocolate ice cream, you may cost some effort.

Dairy Queen offers various treats to satisfy your chocolate craving. They sell small and large sizes both throughout the year and seasonally. Following are some best options for chocolate ice cream lovers:

  • Chocolate Dipped Cones
  • Sundaes
  • Royal Treats
  • Blizzard Treats

Does Dairy Queen Serve Chocolate Ice Cream Cones?

Dairy Queen Restaurants offer chocolate ice cream cones, vanilla, and twist. They also serve cones dipped in cherry sauce, chocolate, or butterscotch dip. So if you love chocolate ice cream with a crunchy coating, these can be your great option.

Some creamy, cold Dairy Queen soft serve topped with rich chocolate sauce, Oreo cookie pieces, Triple Chocolate Brownie, and marshmallow topping.

Ice cream cones can also be your amazing part of the ice cream particularly if you find some at your nearest dairy queen restaurant.

Does Dairy Queen Serve Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream?

Dairy Queen includes chocolate and vanilla swirl on their menu and it’s known as a twist. However, this item isn’t available in all the franchises. Hence you have to check the menu in every dairy queen store you visit.

Final Words

Whether does dairy queen has chocolate ice cream or not is depends on the franchise. However, most franchise doesn’t sell chocolate ice cream and you may need to order online.

Hope your effort and time will be worth it when you’ll have your desired diamond in hand to satisfy your craving.

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