Does Cocoa Butter Help With Stretch Marks?

Cocoa butter is a well-renewed ingredient in both the beauty industry and culinary industries.

Along with its numerous benefits for the human body internally and externally, many people believe cocoa butter is helpful for stretch marks. But does it really work?  Does cocoa butter help with stretch marks?

Though cocoa butter can’t remove stretch marks, it can help reduce their appearance and can be effective in the long run.

Read on to get some handy tips on how to make cocoa butter beneficial for stretch marks and get some handy treatment for this annoying body spot.

Does Cocoa Butter Help With Stretch Marks?

Stretch marl is mostly common in the bodies of the pregnant woman and cocoa butter is fairly beneficial for it.

Though many people believe cocoa butter helps remove stretch marks, unfortunately, it can’t. Cocoa butter can’t prevent stretching. Instead, cocoa butter can moisturize the skin to make it smoother and softer.

Hence, your skin will look overall better while the damage of the stretch mark will still be visible. Many people suggest using cocoa butter during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks, but it’s not scientifically proven.

Below are a few tips to get the benefits out of cocoa butter for stretch marks:

  • Clean your stretch mark area using a non-irritating soap and dry it using a towel. Then put some cocoa butter on the area and wrap the stretch mark gently, using two to three fingers. Massage cocoa butter into the stretch mark until it absorbs.
  • Put cocoa butter on your stretch mark twice a day, regularly. It will be more beneficial to apply cocoa butter to the stretch mark right after a shower.
  • Use cocoa butter that contains emollients like elastin, emu oil, collagen, shea butter, and vitamin E as these can lessen stretch marks more effectively.
  • During pregnancy, you can put cocoa butter on the breasts, stomachs, hips, and thighs to prevent the development of stretch marks. This will let the stretch mark become paler.
  • Using cocoa butter regularly for a long time can give you obvious results. It usually requires frequent utilization to become more efficient.

Most Effective Way to Treat Stretch Mark

Though you can’t prevent stretch marks, it doesn’t mean you ought to carry them forever. Stretch marks have a certain life, and it is highly recommended to wait to treat them until they become less visible. Over time, stretch marks will turn red or purple and start fading.

But if you want some quicker results by applying a safe yet effective treatment, below are some products you can try:

  • Glycolic acid creams
  • Chemical peels
  • Retin-A® retinol cream
  • Non-ablative lasers

Final Words

Still, you doubt where does cocoa butter help with stretch mark. Cocoa butter can’t eliminate the stretch mark’s appearance, but it can reduce the ugly look on the skin.

More importantly, cocoa butter is completely safe for pregnant women while bringing some benefits as well. In addition, cocoa butter doesn’t cost much and is extremely easy to apply to the skin whenever you want.

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