Does Bread Expand in Your Stomach?

Bread is such an amazing and mouth-watering food which can be eaten as a snack, as a breakfast, or even as a main course.

Whether the bread has toppings and fillings or it is just a plain, simple bread piece, you can have it either way and you will not feel hungry for the rest of the time.

But we need to keep this in mind that bread consist of a lot of carbohydrates that can bloat your stomach if you have more than what your stomach can take.

Now the concern might pop in your mind that whether having bread can expand your stomach even if it has no additional fillings and toppings.

Is it true that bread expands in your stomach?

If you hypothetically assume that bread will automatically ferment inside your stomach and becomes double in size for which you feel bloated, you have a creative mindset! But that is not how it works.

White breads are made with refined grains and excessive amount of sugar and yeast so that the bread stays soft and fluffy.

So, the refined grains eventually get absorbed in the guts and hence you feel bloated. Which is why you feel like your stomach is expanding when you eat bread.

However, there is another valid reason that makes your stomach expand or you feel bloated. If you have wheat allergy, then you may not be able to digest the wheat inside the bread properly, for which it gets stored in your gut area.

For which, many people tend to go gluten-free since wheat contains gluten and consumption of gluten while having wheat allergy can even cause threats like death.

Are there ways to stop the bread bloat?

There are a few ways you can put an end to bread bloat or some might call it, ‘bread belly’ by following some techniques:

1) You can avoid bread from stores completely. Since store-bought breads have refined grains and other artificial ingredients that can cause belly bloat, you can make your own bread with ingredients suitable for your stomach.

2) If you don’t have any wheat allergy or gluten disorder, then you can consume white bread, but you have to chew every bites properly.

Some tend to gulp the bread without chewing properly for which it is hard for the stomach to digest the pieces of wheat thoroughly. For which doctors also suggest to chew every meal, let that be as soft as a bread piece with time.

3) A simple way to increase your digestion is to drink apple cider vinegar every time before meal. You can drink it raw or take a tablespoon of vinegar and stir it in a glass of water, and drink it before meal.

Final Words

Bread technically expands your stomach if you have wheat allergy or you don’t chew your bread pieces for which it gets stuck in your bloating area.

To avoid that, you can avoid any gluten-based bread or improve your digestion system.

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