Chocolate Milk in Schools Pros and Cons

Chocolate milk can be a good alternative for your kids in school as it is tasty and rich in plenty of nutrients.

However, as a health-conscious parent, you must be aware of the chocolate milk in school pros and cons.

This handy information will let you decide if chocolate milk is beneficial or dangerous for your kids. So let’s get some!

Chocolate Milk in School Pros and Cons

The following are some pros and cons of chocolate milk that a kid can experience if given in school:

The Pros of Chocolate Milk


Chocolate milk is high in protein, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D as well as a little bit of sugar. So it has the same nutrients as milk.

So, if kids drink chocolate milk in school, it means they are getting all the desirable nutrients contained in milk.

Workout Recovery

Drinking chocolate milk can help your kids with muscle recovery from workouts. This drink is high in proteins and carbs that help replenish fluids and sugars lost due to exercise.

Amazing taste

Kids in school will love the taste of chocolate milk even if they don’t like the taste of plain milk.

This way, chocolate milk will be a good way to deliver the goodness of milk to the kid’s body.

While many parents struggle to get their children to drink milk, chocolate milk is a great rescue for them.

Prevent obesity

Obesity can cause a kid’s body to have excess fat and increase the chance of high blood pressure, heart disease, or even cancer.

Drinking chocolate milk can be a smart way to avoid these diseases as it helps enhance body composition and improve weight loss.

Promotes teeth health

It’s one of the exciting benefits of drinking chocolate milk for kids in school. The calcium of chocolate milk helps build strong teeth in children. This drink can also prevent tooth decay.

Energy booster

Obviously, chocolate milk is a great source of energy. Drinking chocolate milk can feel refreshing to exhausted or physically tired kids immediately.

Cons of Chocolate Milk

High fructose corn syrup

Some sugar is rich in fructose, which can cause diabetes and obesity. Getting a high amount of sugar can also increase weight and bring the risk of chronic diseases, cancers, and heart diseases.

Lactose tolerance

Chocolate milk is rich in lactose, and it can be difficult for some people to tolerate lactose. And the body that can’t handle lactose can suffer from diarrhea and gas.

Hormonal problems

Drinking chocolate milk regularly can make kids addicted to its sweetness. As a result, the kids can suffer from the hormonal problem and become unhealthy.


unfortunately, chocolate milk is a bit more expensive than normal milk.

Should Kids Drink Chocolate Milk in School?

As you can see, chocolate milk has its own pros and cons. And whether you should let your kids drink chocolate milk in school or not is dependent on the individual’s preferences and certain situations

If your children drink milk on their own, there is no need to purchase the expensive pack that increases their risk of various diseases.

But if you have a hard time getting your kids to drink milk; chocolate milk can ease your effort while delivering nutrients to their bodies for overall good health.

Some schools even notice that chocolate milk increases milk consumption.

Final Words

Hope you got enough chocolate milk in school pros and cons. Now you should be able to decide whether your kids should drink chocolate milk in school or not.

In my opinion, give your kids chocolate milk as a final resort if you can’t convince them to drink plain milk to avoid further health diseases.

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