Can You Smoke Meat in The Rain?

Imagine you and your friends have arranged a picnic at a camping spot far away from your home. You decided to cook everything just like you would cook at a camp, so you have your dry and raw ingredients in your bag.

Just when you decided to give a smoke to your pre-cooked meat, the weather played its game and the rain started.

Now you might be wondering how you can smoke your meat in the rainy atmosphere, and whether you can actually smoke your meat properly. To answer your query, you can smoke meat in the rain without facing any trouble.

How to smoke meat in the rain?

Now it completely depends on how the rain is, as in, whether it is drizzling or the rain is heavy and windy. If the rain is extremely little or should I say, tolerable, then one handy thing that you can use to protect your smoker from the rain is to shed it with an umbrella.

If you have a bigger umbrella, then you hit the bullseye. All you have to do is place the umbrella in a way so that the rain cannot enter that particular area.

Nevertheless, there are a few costly yet handy ways to avoid the rain from entering the smoker. If you are around your house, and you wanted to arrange an in-house barbeque session, then these methods are the right choices for you.

1) Use a smoking canopy:

Smoking canopy is like a roof that is used to collect the smoke from the smoker and then uses the roof to vent the unwanted smoke. Canopies can be cheap and expensive at the same time.

Depending on the materials used to make the canopy, the charges may fluctuate. Smoking canopies can be of various shapes and sizes that can cover the area you placed your smoker.

The walls that the smoker have, it will help the smoke to vent out so that people staying inside the canopy does not get heated up.

2) Using smoking gazebo:

If you want to opt for something that you want it to last for more than smoking canopies, or even more than that, you can go for smoking gazebos.

Not only they are aesthetically delightful to look at outside of your house, but also, they are super safe to use.

Although they are quite on the expensive side and needs a lot of work to build a gazebo that matches your aesthetics, nut this will work better when the weather is extremely rainy and windy.

Final words

Now, the methods might be expensive and costly, but if you really want to save your meat from getting drenched in rain, you might as well have to use these methods to save them.

Moreover, an umbrella can do pretty much the task that canopies and gazebos can do, since gazebos are not portable, and building canopies might be a time-consuming task.

Even at some points, umbrellas cannot save your meat and smoker if the weather is not in your favor. But eventually, you can smoke meat in the rain.

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