How to Make Dark Chocolate into Milk Chocolate

Do you only have dark chocolate in the house when you want milk chocolate? Don’t fret. Let’s learn how to turn dark chocolate into milk chocolate and satisfy your or your family’s craving.

More importantly, this transformation is an incredibly quick and simple procedure that requires only a few ingredients.

So let’s get the recipe!

Can You Make Milk Chocolate From Dark Chocolate?

It’s completely possible to turn dark chocolate into milk chocolate, though it won’t deliver the same result. If you desire to make homemade milk chocolate, use powdered milk instead of dark chocolate.

However, converting milk chocolate into dark chocolate is a handy idea if you lack resources.

How to Make Dark Chocolate into Milk Chocolate

Following is a simple process of making dark chocolate into milk chocolate:

Slice the Chocolate and Melt

Cut the chocolate bars into small pieces to speed up the melting process. However, chocolate chips don’t need to be cut. Melt the chocolate on low heat after putting it in an uncovered double boiler.

The bottom pan of the double boiler holds water, whose mist melts the chocolate placed on the upper pan.

But make sure the bottom pan’s water doesn’t touch the upper pan’s bottom. Since you set the heat on low, it will take time to melt the chocolate.

Don’t try to increase the heat speed, as it can damage the chocolate’s ingredients. Accelerating the process may cause the chocolate to burn.

Keep mixing with a Spatula

Stir the chocolate occasionally with a spatula while it is melting until it is completely melted. This way, you can prevent the chocolate from burning.

In this case, a silicone or rubber spatula will work best for mixing the chocolate, while a wooden spoon can absorb the moisture of the chocolate.

Add Some Milk and Butter

After melting the whole chocolate, pour butter and milk on it to get a softer texture. However, if you desire solid milk chocolate, don’t add as much liquid as usual. Pour around two tablespoons of condensed milk and butter into the softened chocolate.

Then keep mixing the blend to get a consistent and smooth chocolate paste. If you prefer a thicker paste, add whole milk to the blend. You can also increase the sweetness of the chocolate by adding some condensed milk.

Remember, it’s a bit challenging to get the right ratio of milk, particularly the first time, so don’t panic. Instead, it’s always better to add more liquid to the chocolate along with a higher cocoa percentage.

Cool the Mixture

Cool the mixture to room temperature. But don’t put your dark chocolate in the refrigerator. Instead, leave the dark chocolate in a dry, cool place for around a month.

Final Words

After knowing how to make dark chocolate into milk chocolate, you can also do some experiments or customization. For example, you can use a microwave instead of a double boiler.

However, you’ll need some practice to get the desired milk chocolate taste from dark chocolate.

You can also add condensed milk to the softened chocolate to get almost the same taste as milk chocolate. Even adding can help you achieve your goal.

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