Can You Make French Toast With Frozen Bread?

French toast, a delicacy that every people have at least tasted once in their life. This sugary dessert can make your whole day go extremely well. You can have it as a breakfast or as a dessert after every heavy meal.

You can make it using freshly made bread or even frozen bread, depending on what you have in front of you.

Some people might assume that frozen bread might not be a good option to make French toast since this might become soggy afterwards.

Is it good to make French toast with frozen bread?

Here is the thing. Frozen bread is something that people generally don’t prefer using while making dishes like French toast or sandwiches.

When you take out the bread from the fridge and defrost it in case you have health issues, it eventually becomes soggy and kind of looses the moisture that a fresh bread holds. However, you can still make French toast with frozen bread, and it is absolutely healthy.

Here are the ways you can utilize frozen bread to make French toast:

Since the bread is frozen and you did not want to defrost it, you have to poke the crusts of the bread evenly. This will help the egg mixture to thoroughly get inside the bread and help in frying the bread properly.

You can use toothpick or fork to evenly poke the crusts and also the upper layer of the bread for even coating.

Moreover, if you want your frozen bread to be thawed and defrosted, then you have to keep the bread pieces in a clean and fresh towel or paper cloth so that the clothing piece or tissue soak in all the moisture that the bread contains.

The defrosted moisture coming from the frozen bread will be absorbed and hence the bread will be used like a fresh bread.

Final words

Overall, frozen bread is somewhat not healthy to eat since the store-bought bread lasts for up to three days. So, if you decide to freeze your bread, ensure that the bread is properly sealed and no air can go inside the sealed bread.

Otherwise the expert’s suggestion says to avoid using frozen bread and it is better to use freshly made bread to make French toast.

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