Can You Eat Deer Meat While Pregnant

Red meat is quite a popular meat consumed by people all around the world. Amongst the varieties of red meat, Venison, or in other words, deer meat is the most uncommon yet popular one.

Since deer are mostly captured by wild hunters, they tend to consume deer meat the most. Most people despise consuming deer meat because of the uncommon flavor and texture, but the meat, however, is considered the healthiest meat that people should eat.

Despite being rich in protein and low in fat, some people might have the question as to whether it is safe to eat venison while being pregnant.

Is it safe to eat deer meat while being pregnant?

If you are a new mother, you have to go through plenty of diet restrictions to give your new born child a healthy life.

Although, deer meat or venison is the healthiest alternative for meat consumption, but there are certain things new mothers need to know while eating venison.

Some people prefer to eat venison raw or undercooked, since the raw meat contains more protein than cooked meat. Consuming undercooked venison can lead to uncalled diseases that can harm the fetus inside the mother’s womb.

Blood infection like toxoplasmosis can occur if raw deer meat is consumed while being pregnant for which certain disorders like premature delivery, jaundice, and mental retardations might take place.

Furthermore, if the deer is shot with lead-based bullets while hunting, it is better to completely avoid eating that meat while being pregnant.

Since the bullet stays inside the meat for a long time, the lead can spread throughout the meat, and consuming that will eventually increase the chances of having a miscarriage. Along with that, the new born baby’s blood pressure which can affect the baby’s intellectual development.

Nonetheless, if the deer meat is cooked properly and thoroughly processed, then it is absolutely safe to consume the meat without giving it a second thought.

Since frozen venison cannot kill the bacteria living inside the meat, it should be cooked at the temperature of 160 degree above Fahrenheit so that all the bacteria residing in the meat can be destroyed.

Final words

People enjoys eating deer meat because of the similar beefy texture, but the taste is a bit more rich and earthy according to the consumers.

Moreover, people who wants to build their muscles can eat deer meat since it has higher protein and low fat. Despite the benefits, it is safe for pregnant women to absolutely avoid consuming venison or deer meat.

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