Can You Eat Bread on Ayahuasca Diet

Ayahuasca, sounds like an anti-traditional term mixed with an urban culture vibe. But this is actually a type of tea or brew that is made from the leaves from a particular shrub name Psychotria Viridis.

This particular brew or tea is more like a spiritual or religious drink taken by the Amazonian tribal people. Coming to the ayahuasca diet, it is a basic and common dietary restriction that people have to follow before they drink ayahuasca.

Now, if you are thinking of following ayahuasca diet, you might wonder what if you can eat bread while being on the diet.

Is eating bread allowed on ayahuasca diet?

Ayahuasca diet maintains a lot of dietary restrictions that a normal human being cannot go without eating them for once. If you maintain this diet, you cannot intake any dairy products, meats that are red inside, pork, and spicy meals.

Now, bread is somewhat considered a dairy product since milk is used to kneed the dough, if you are intending to make sweet, white, or cake breads.

But, to make things simpler to understand, you simply cannot intake anything that is made with yeast. As we all know that the key ingredient that makes the bread fluffy, light, and delicious in fact, is the yeast.

Yeast ferments the dough and doubles in size so that the inside is soft. However, ayahuasca diet pulled a barricade on the yeast consumption.

So, it is pretty clear that bread consumption is straight up prohibited if you are interested in following ayahuasca diet.

Is bread a controversial food in ayahuasca diet?

Some people who follow ayahuasca diet for a long time believes that bread consumption can be dangerous for them.

Nevertheless, if the bread is plain, not made with yeast, and completely unsalted, then you can have it without having a doubt.

Now the thing is, ayahuasca tend to contain psychoactive materials or goods that can create a massive influence on your health.

For instance, ayahuasca consumption accelerates the right hemisphere of the brain’s working abilities.

In case you find happiness and your serotonin rises if you consume bread, the serotonin and the ayahuasca collision can lead to unbalanced and uneven heartbeats, and high body temperature.

This are practically the preliminary stage, but the worst-case scenario of this collision can be death. Which is why, it is highly recommended to completely avoid consuming bread, let that be white bread, sourdough bread, sweet or whole grain bread, or any bread in general.


Ayahuasca diet works like a no carb diet, you cannot intake any sort of carb, in any forms. Bread has a decent amount of carbs that can be a problematic issue if you are on a ayahuasca diet and you are craving breads.

Although, ayahuasca consumption is a tribal thing, and quite a few groups of people are aware of ayahuasca diet, but if you want to go for a new adventure of dietary restrictions, you have to mentally prepare yourself to avoid bread at all cost.

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