Can You Drink Orange Juice With Braces

Who can resist a glass of orange juice and ice during summer times? Orange juice is a delicacy that every household has in their fridge.

You can have it during breakfast, while having snacks, lunch, dinner, literally anytime! The taste of the real orange relishes the hunger for oranges and this can be found anywhere, in the malls, stores, or even at restaurants.

Now you may think what problems can any regular orange juice drinkers may face, since this is healthy and also delicious. This can be drunk at any hours of their busy schedule.

However, can people with braces drink orange juice without facing any complications?

Can you drink orange juice with braces on?

Here is the thing. Braces are used to align your teeth so that you can get a perfect tooth with a perfect smile. Which is the reason people with braces have to avoid a lot of dishes and drinks which can ruin their braces.

The good news is that orange juice is drinkable and there is no risk of ruining the braces or damage it. But dentists recommend to rinse your mouth right after drinking orange juice.

The reason is simply because oranges are citrus fruits. The tanginess of the orange juice will discolor and ruin the braces and also the teeth might not be able to handle the sensitivity that the tanginess of the orange juice provides.

If the orange juice is freshly squeezed, then the tanginess might remain. However, the store-bought orange juices have a lot of artificial or chemicals added that makes it tastes sweet and not sour at all.

Those chemicals and artificial products can ruin the braces and damage the strings. That is the reason why dentists highly recommend to rinse your mouth right after drinking orange juice.

Nevertheless, there is no restrictions in drinking the juice.

Final words

Wearing braces is the most difficult task that people have to wear every time until your dentists remove them.

Orange juice is not prohibited, but it is better to rinse your mouth thoroughly so that the extracts does not remain in the braces. Otherwise, the consequences are quite painful.

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