Can Sourdough Bread Cause Acid Reflux

If you are a sufferer of acid reflux almost every now and then, you might want to change your overall lifestyle so that the problems do not rise even more.

People with acid reflux problems generally cannot eat or drink a lot of food items since the ingredients are not on their favors.

Not only the ingredients that are at fault, but their way of maintaining their health plays a huge role in people and their acid reflux diseases.

Now, people with not only acid reflux but also has other complications in their diet may not consider to eat everything.

One of the foods is the sourdough bread which is loved by an ample amount of people, especially those who suffers from acid reflux.

Does sourdough bread cause acid reflux?

Now comes the interesting part. Sourdough bread is a type of bread that is created while fermenting, just like yogurt or any other meals that require fermentation.

Hence the sour dough bread produces a bacterium that might be triggering to a few consumers having acid reflux. But, if you tend to consume sour dough bread, assure yourself that you will not face any sort of acid reflux or indigestion because of the bread.

However, this might not be an accurate theory for a certain group. As you might know, gluten products like wheat, grains, and flours are used to make the bread.

Now, if the consumer has any issues with gluten-based products and has acid reflux disease, then sour dough bread can become a life threatening food to consume.

Since the fermentation already caused a bloating problem for the consumers, adding the wheat or whole grain ingredient may simply give the bread consumer enough reasons to face a lot of complications, acid reflux being one of them.

However, the safe and best option that people with acid reflux disease can opt for is to avoid anything that can trigger their diet and health.

Final words

No matter how much you try to avoid any dishes that triggers your acid reflux, you might not be able to resist yourself to eat delicious food items like sour dough bread.

Although sour dough bread does not affect the digestion process or causes acid reflux, but if you belong to the group where gluten is strictly prohibited, then you have to consider leaving the sour dough bread and choose another bread option.

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